What's your favorite firearm?

What's your favorite firearm?

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  • Strictly Military Hardware (GLs, MGs, ARs, etc)

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Never have been fond of rear loading rifles. The recoil seems to be a bit heavier and the darn things just dont feel right.
Honestly, I'd rather carry a bullpup configuration on the modern battlefield. Combat has become increasingly an urban short-medium range affair and trying to swing around a huge M-16 inside of a humvee is a hell of a lot harder than bringing an AUG or Einfled or SAR-21 to bear on an enemy.

You can have the best ammunition and have 5x better accuracy than your oponenet, but if your enemy can get off 5 shots before your barrel levels at him. You're dead.

There is a Ruger MKII 22/45, Springfield Armory 1911A1 Mil-Spec., Beretta 92FS, and a Glock 23C.

There are four other pistols on the list.

Browning Hi-Power
Walther P38
Luger P08 Parabellum
Ruger Single Action Army

As for Rifles. That's simple.

Mauser 1898
Remington 700
Winchester 1894 Lever Action

Shotguns is even easier.

Benelli M4 Shotgun
Remington 870

Those Germans make good stuff, same with Mr John M. Browning. Also you Italians make one fine pistol and Shotgun. Beretta hasn't been around for that long for nothing. (It's the oldest gun company in the World.)