What's your favorite firearm?

What's your favorite firearm?

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What's your favorite firearm? Preferably one that you have some experience with, but any one that you want to use works to. Please elaborate, seeing as I couldn't really be much more specific with the options than this without going on for several pages.

Personally, my favorite is my own .30-30 Model 94 Winchester lever action. It's the most enjoyable firearm I've ever used, and that includes the M16, M240B, M249, M203, and the M9. It's extremely accurate and well-balanced, and has been proven by almost 150 years of use (not mine, but the design haha). It also packs a pretty serious punch and has good range (I usually only use it around 150-300 yards, but have made longer shots without any difficulties).
Haha, yeah they do, and maybe it's just obstinacy, but I think I'll still stick with my.30-30, I like a weapon with more range. Another rifle I love is the Remington 700 series, which has been modified (highly so, actually) into the M40 series sniper rifle. It seems to be the deer rifle of choice around here, usually chambered with a .308, and that is one accurate son of a gun that packs a really nice punch.
Ok the only guns I've ever used are paintball gund BB guns, a bolt action .22(really accurate I shot a hummingbird from 20 yards), a semi utomatic .22, a shotgun, and a glock. I have no idea what a zip gun is, sorry. But I think it might be fun trying to strafe a target with Uzis in each hand.
Difficult question!

All of them! :D

I have tried so many different hand Guns, Rifles, Revolvers etc....
And most of them were fun in their own way..

Here's photo from a great day I had in Israel.

Colt Python, Colt Anaconda, Desert Eagle 50. Cal, And 9mm Beretta... :D
Redneck said:
Dang. How's the Desert Eagle? Does it kick like a mule or what?

All I can say is: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D :lol: :D

Having .50 on a Pistol rocks!
It's not very accurate, it's too heavy, I had to rest my arm every 5 shots..
But the size of it, the muzzle blast (1m Long!!), and the sound of it can scare anyone so much that you don't have to hit anything anyway... 8)

The Colt Anaconda (.44) wasn't to bad either... :lol:
Haha, kind of like the effects of jacking a round into the chamber of a shotgun, huh? I'd really like to fire a Desert Eagle sometime, sounds like it's a kick in the pants.
I have used a Python, it belongs to my uncle and was the pistol he used to carry as a police officer. Yeah, it's pretty sweet.
.22 bolt action Rifle with open sights which has been on every square inch of our farm, and probably has about 5000 rounds put through it in a summer. Too many gophers, and too much other work to do, otherwise there would be more!
Yeah, the old tried and true ones always end up being the most fun to use. On our ranch we trap the gophers, but I use my .30-30 or my 12 gauge to control the ground squirrel population :wink: .
Nothing like overkill to brighten your day.
Personally I think the Rocket Launcher m/48 "Carl-Gustav" is my favourite firearm. Rocket Launchers are so much fun, all that firepower :wink: :lol:
Yeah I bet. I've always wanted to get one of those old "Honest John" rockets from the 50s and knock down a few barns with it. Somehow I don't think that's ever going to happen though, dang it.

Nick42 said:
Personally I think the Rocket Launcher m/48 "Carl-Gustav" is my favourite firearm. Rocket Launchers are so much fun, all that firepower :wink: :lol:

If you want to try something that kicks a lot more than a mule, you should try this one Redneck...

It's great fun to shoot with it, but damn it kicks like h.ll....

Here's picture I took when I was in Lebanon.
We bought an old M113 APC and towed it down to the firing range.
Tried AG3 (7,62x51mm), MG3 (Maschinengewehr MG3 7,62x6351mm), 50. Cal (12,7mm) machine gun and the Carl Gustav on it..

This is the result of a hit by the 84mm Carl Gustav... :D

This is the result of a hit by the 84mm Carl Gustav...

When you see that picture you understand why I think the Carl Gustav is so much fun... It has been a while now since I fired one though, so I have get going to the armoury :lol:
Carabine M1

I only had a little experience with firearms. But Im in the Israeli Civil Guard and we patrol with M1 carabines!!! so that will be my favorit-
Its a good weapon for its age-Light, Accurate and easy to operate