What's your favorite firearm?

What's your favorite firearm?

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Redneck said:
This topic disappeared about a week ago and the magic of the internet created another one just like it but without any replies and without the poll options. Then this morning this one reappeared out of the blue.

How interesting... My computer did that a month ago with half of my word processor files...
hmm does a rail gun count? or is that sorta 2 big. he he 4 km/s .
l96 or l98a1 cadet GP
smith and wessen .500 calibre magnum , most powerful handgun in the world.
Winchester Model 700/ M40.
Heckler and Koch Mark 23 Mod. 0 .45 ACP SpecialOperationsCOMmand pistol.
Heckler and Koch G-36 5.56x45mm SS109 NATO/.223 Remmington.
Personal fav: C7A1 Assault Rifle

I've only fired it once in Cadets when I was 12, and it's also going to be my standard firearm for the next 4 years (after this year).
DutchGreenBeret said:

Diemaco C8CT


Looks suspiciously like a shortened M16 SPR varient. :rambo:
To me, there is no new a$$hole more satisfyingly ripped than that ripped by a 12 guage shotgun slug! If there was a shotgun smilie in here, I'd use it now! Wait a moment...

...Aw Damn it all! Can't seem to put up anything other than stuff from this site! BBCode my ass!
I like high powered bolt action rifles. My ideal rifle must have at least a 6X-24X-44mm Ballistic Plex scope. The rifle’s precision should be sub-MOA out to 600 yards. I want the rifle chambered in something that creates a big permanent cavity . The .30-06 150gr Softpoint is very nice indeed :sniper:.
Rifles are my fave.

Usually - on limited budget - I get a lesser name rifle such as a used Savage rather than, say, a Weatherby.

That's because the stock will never look the same again, so I hate to pay for a lovely stock that is soon to take a lickin.

I free float my barrels. And I make grooves and depressions for all my fingers and joints, starting with a wood rasp and then all the way to sandpaper.

There is no fancy woodwork equipment here, so it's all hand tools. They still look nice. In my graduating year of high school, I took a first place design trophy for woodworking when all the schools in the are displayed projects at the big mall near hear. So big tools or little tools - my stuff looks good and works good.

My favorite calibers are the 7mm mag. and .300 mag.

Anyone have any experience with the .338 Win. mag. (think I got that right)??

M. D. Vaden of Oregon

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The good old SLR L1A1 7.62mm with 20 round magazine. Not technically legal in Australia, but god I'd love one. Now I've just got to convince the police firearms branch that I'm a primary producer and I can buy one :rambo:
I wish I had the 12.7 mm NSV at my home. It was an orgasm to fire.

But rifles are nice. Sako Valmet RK62 is actually quite nice to shoot and accurate too.
At the moment my thing is rifles. I have a Savage 10FP chambered in .308 Win (glass is a SS10x42), supposedly a .25 moa rifle, but I haven't shot that well yet. It's a pretty cheap setup (<$1000) but it'll hang with the big boys.
I'll chime in on this one.

Most definitely a handgun, probably Sig or H&K. I really don't like Glocks.
And it has to be 45 caliber!

I also had the oppertunity to do some shooting at a range with some of the guys from S.W.A.T. in Philly when I lived up there and I really, really took a liking to MP5's at that time.

I have always wanted to have some fun with an F&N 5.7

I voted for the rifle.

Although I dearly love my M1911A1 like SFC does, I prefer the ability of taking the enemy out long before he gets that close he he. I've fired many rifles over the years and Redneck's .30 - .30 sounds nice. I've fired all the US military issued rifles from the Springfield to the M16A2 but I got the best results from the M14.

As to machineguns, well I can't quite put them in the same catagory as the rest. The ability to lay down hundreds of rounds non-stop is incomparible in my view. Still, when I competed on the machine gun team in matches I did learn how to fire an M60 single shot. No mean feet.