What's your favorite firearm?

What's your favorite firearm?

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I prefer rifles. Owning a 1953 La Coruna FR-8 in 7.62x51 and a 12 gauge Remington Express 870. Planning to get a 1938 k98 Mauser in 8x57 next year, but good ones are hard to find.

Besides my own rifles I like the H&K G3 and G36.

c/LtCdr said:
DutchGreenBeret said:

Diemaco C8CT


Looks suspiciously like a shortened M16 SPR varient. :rambo:

It's more like a shortened C7 variant :p The C8 is the carbine version of the C7 which is a Canadized version of the M-16 family.
My favorite weapon is a rifle. The M-14 to be exact. This is because that firing that weapon was one the best experiences I've had with rifles.
R1 Assault Rifle (South African version of the FAL) I loved it! It had some kick to it, but you felt REALLY well armed when carrying it. Also poured a lot of sweat over it. Had to hump through the bush a couple times with it. It also made short work of Wharthog, impala and the occasional Kudu.

Pistols? CZ100 while not very reliable, the way it fit in my hand was just perfect. I tihnk they sorted out the reliability issues in later models though (I got one of the first ones). The lack of safety was a pain as well, since I carry my sidearms cocked and locked.
well, since we're reviving this thread, I've never shot a real hand gun, but i really want too. iv also shot only small caliber rifles, oh yeah, and a shotgun, once. i would have to say military weapons, they are designed to be used in less-than-ideal circumstances, and most of them are rigorously tested. besides military weapons, anything from H&K!! :D
Para Ordinance p-14 awesome firearm.

I have to say my favorite rifle is my Ak-47 with the red dot site.
i have a question for any body thats been in iraq, do you get to keep the guns you find, like on the first page of the thread? that would be pretty cool to get to keep a gun such as those ones.

my favorite firearm is a rifle, specifically a 1876 dutch made beaumont-vitali bolt action rifle, that my great grandfather brought over from russia when he immigrated to America in the early 1900s. have never fired it, and just cleaned it all today. it looks like it is in perfect firing order, but, i want to take it to a gunsmith just to be sure its ok to fire. I would probably have to special order the ammunition for it to, they are 11mm cartridges. i cant wait to fire it though :twisted: :shock:

Redneck said:
Haha, the zip gun is a joke. It's a homemade one-shot weapon, usually made from a pipe.

Such as a pipe with a badminton birdie tip (i know a very bad idea) melted on one end, drilled hole next to it, fireworks fuse inserted (although for the test we used a model rocket engine igniter and the control box with a 15 foot wire to blast the first time), sparklers broken into nice powder format and then a b-25 machine gun round loaded through the barrel and then fire away type? And at the end have a 5 inch diameter crater in the ground with the birdie tip god knows where and the bullet as a whole gone? Then Heck yes! But on the realistic side I have fired an AK47, SAMT M-16 Training and then I wish i could have a hand at a P90
I've fired quite a few firearms in my time. Some of my favorites are a Sharps 45-70, a Ruger super blackhawk .44 magnum, a Taurus .454 Casull, a well-built Remington deer rifle (not sure which model) chambered in .300 Magnum, and for just plain all-day targeting fun, my trusty and accurate Ruger 10-22.

I'd love to try one of the new small-bores. Anyone try a .17 HMR yet? Those look like nice little tack drivers.
At this point, my favorite is the M16A4 with the M68 aimpoint sight...fast acquisition, damn good accuracy, and 4 extra forward Pic rails.
I prefer military weapons, especially the M4 Carbine. It's a very powerful and accurate weapon and nice and compact for MOUT operations, plus it's got plenty of hardware to attach to it to improve performance. I'd like to get to use the P90 some day as well.
IAmFighter said:
I prefer military weapons, especially the M4 Carbine. It's a very powerful and accurate weapon and nice and compact for MOUT operations, plus it's got plenty of hardware to attach to it to improve performance. I'd like to get to use the P90 some day as well.

I agree, the M4 is a nice weapon. Form rilfes I prefer the M1 and M1A, they are both superb rifles. As for pistols I like the M1911A3 and SOCOM .45
Before choosing a weapon you really need to know in what environment that you will be using it. Open spaces you would need some thing with a bit more range and hitting power, for town work you will need some thing more compact but just as hard hitting. Grenade launchers are not always a good idea foe very close combat fighting in a restricted space. The other thing that you need to remember is that what ever you chose is that you have to carry it and enough ammunition to keep it going for a few days, so the more weapons you chose the more you have to carry so you need to keep your weapon choice down to a minimum. Now this weapon is fairly good for all these things, it is under 36 inches long it is accurate up to 400 yards and can still be effective up to 500 yards and can used on fully automatic.