What's your favorite firearm?

What's your favorite firearm?

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Good call, sherman105, those are real sweet weapons. My uncle has two (he has a few too many guns, haha), and they are real fun to use.
Pistols i seem to be most accurate with.

Only ones i've used are the Walther PP, Beretta 92FS & Desert Eagle.

I must say the Desert Eagle is a damn lot heavier than the other two.
Hmm....the M16A2 was kind of fun, but I want to try the M249 SAW, my brother shoots that when he goes out on Manuevers with his ROTC company (he's at Auburn University) and he said it kicks ass. Umm....the M92f Beretta (Military Issue) was fun, nice and accurate. So either pistols or assault rifles/lmgs
That's my job, keeping you all on your toes.

You guys see the new Smith & Wesson .50 caliber revolver? That things a beast.
Sure, I wouldn't want to argue with you on that one, might decide to drop the range a bit too much someday :wink: .
Redleg said:
Redneck said:
But the size of it, the muzzle blast (1m Long!!), and the sound of it can scare anyone so much that you don't have to hit anything anyway... 8)
LOL ....The desert eagles are awesome looking but i like the M16's or M4 varients....I just like the looks of them :D :D
This topic disappeared about a week ago and the magic of the internet created another one just like it but without any replies and without the poll options. Then this morning this one reappeared out of the blue.
Nick42 said:
Personally I think the Rocket Launcher m/48 "Carl-Gustav" is my favourite firearm. Rocket Launchers are so much fun, all that firepower :wink: :lol:
hehe... the carl-gustav is quite fun, but I prefer a sniper rifle or someting that really kicks. .50 rifle maybe :sniper:

Diemaco C8CT


The C8CT Carbine incorporates a bipod, an extra heavy floating barrel to enhance accuracy. The barrel has the standard 11 degree crown and is available fluted. It's pistol grip, and fully adjustable buttstock enhances shooters performance and provides comfort in tactical situations. The Weaver flat top rail accommodates a wide range of day and night sighting options.

The buttstock of each rifle has a three position sliding buttstock and the buttplate can be adjusted to swivel, cant, move up or down and also additional refinement for extending the length.

The breech bolt carrier has a titanium firing pin for faster locking time and is used with the lighter two stage trigger / hammer.

The standard tactical telescope is a 6 - 10x, power by 40 mm lens with 30mm tube and scope mount and the "Black Cat" night scope and other optical devices can be attached to the flat top Weaver rail.

The barrel is an extra heavy or " Bull " barrel with a slower twist rate to accommodate both the normal NATO 5.56 mm X 45 mm and heavier match grade .223 bullets.

Bipods and slings are attached to the tube / handguard not the floating barrel.

I fired this baby once. A PR-Man of Diemaco personally came to our base in roosendaal to let us test this product. We normally use the diemaco C8A1. But this piece of equipement is just awesome. To darn expensive for the dutch governement to buy them though. The civilians aren't to happy about the military anyway. So theyre cutting as much as possible in Dutch Armed services.