Marine Corps Trivia

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Let's see...What does the red stripe on Marines' Blue Dress's pant means?
Yes but where? Sorry, I forgot to said what and WHERE. I was in hurry. forgive me, please.
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The Red Strip got it from the marines who died at the Battle of Chapultepec in 1847.

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While we wait for clarification of Fox's "question" here's one to keep your brains humming...

What was the letter designation of Chesty Puller's company he commanded in Nicaragua right before being rotated back to CONUS?
Ok the answer to the last question was "Company M".

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According to War Department doctrine what was the primary role of the Marine Corps in World War I?
World War I would be the first time that a major Marine unit operated seperately from the Navy. They transformed from an anti-guerilla force used to fight in the Banana Wars to a large conventional force needed to fight the Central Powers. The Marines fielded two brigades, the 4th Brigade and the 5th Brigade, although the 5th arrived too late to see any combat. The 4th Brigade was assigned to the Army's 2nd Infantry Division and served with distinction until the armistice.
Nope, not the frontline.

If you visit the USMC Small Wars website and read a few of the linked doctoral theses there written by some Marine officers you'll find the surprising answer.

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