Marine Corps Trivia

Cpl Tony Stien is correct.

This Medal of Honor recipient stowed away on a ship bound for Iwo Jima with the aid of a cousin at age 17. During the battle he covered two grenades with his body to save comrades and lived to recieve his Medal.

for 50 Who is he?

The first amphib landing made by US Marines was where? What date? and led by what two officers? for 75.
The objective was New Providence Island (Nassau) in the Bahamas, where a British fort and large supplies of munitions were known to be. With Captain Nicholas in command, 234 Marines sailed from Philadelphia in Continental warships. On 3 March 1776, Captain Nicholas led his Marines ashore, took the fort, and captured the powder and arms for Washington's army. For the first time in U.S. history, the Marines had landed,and the situation was well in hand.(

So to answer could it be

New Providence Island (Nassau) in the Bahamas
3 March 1776
Commodore Esek Hopkins the fleet commander
Captain Samuel Nichols, the Marine Commander
Lieutenant John Fitzpatrick
This Marine Officer led a Detachment of Marines from the Washington Navy Yard/ Marine Barracks DC to retake an Armory in Virginia. During the Assault the Marines were Commanded by two officers of Cavalry US Army.

In the final assault this Officer of Marines attempted to stab the leader of the group that had taken the armory and failed.

For 25 Who was this Marine Officer.
For 15 Where was this Armory
For 10 who led the group that took the Armory.
For 20 Name the 2 Army Officers who commanded the Assault
For 20 Why did the Marine Officer fail to stab the leader of the group.

For 50. What Organization did the Marine Officer join later and what post did he fill.
1. 1st LT Israel Greene USMC

2. Harpers Ferry

3. James Ewel Brown Stuart 1st LT U.S. Cav

4. Colonel Robert E. Lee USA and Major William W. Russel USMC??

5. The first figure to rise from the gloom as Greene rushed forward was that of Lewis Washington, an old friend. The Virginia aristocrat strode up to the officer, warmly took his left hand, then, pointing to a bearded man fumbling with a carbine, said, "This is Osawatomie." With all his strength Greene slashed at Brown with his sword. The first blow left a deep cut across the back of his neck; but the frail blade bent double on Brown's ammunition belt when Greene thrust at his heart, and John Brown was spared for the hangman.<25>

6. Declining appointment both as a lieutenant colonel in the Virginia infantry and as colonel in the Wisconsin militia, Greene accepted a captaincy in the fledgling Confederate States Marine Corps. As a major and Adjutant and Inspector of the Corps he served throughout the war at Confederate Marine headquarters in Richmond until his capture and parole at Farmville, Virginia, in April 1865.
Once again the Grunt from Canada Nails it.

For 25.

The USMC traded in what Machine Gun for What Machine Gun as part of the AEF in 1917?
Wild stab in the dark:

They traded in the original Browning machine gun that he invented in the late 1800's for the .30 machine gun he developed in 1911?
The Gun that was replaced was fed by a top mounted drum magazine. The gun that replaced it was fed by a half moon magazine.
Okay I'll make it 50.

One more clue.

The MG that was replaced was not a Browning. Remember the Marines were way down in the food chain.

After the War the Marines were reissued this GUN. and used it to great effect in the Banana Wars .
hoohaa 310 has it right here is a good read on it:

When the Marines deployed to France, they carried along their trusty M1917 Lewis guns. Upon arrival, however, the Marines were dismayed when informed by the American Expeditionary Force (AEF) that they would have to relinquish their Lewis guns to be replaced by woeful French Chauchat machine rifles. The stated reason was uniformity in arms, but this explanation didn't go over very well with the combat Marines who were extremely unhappy about being forced to exchange a familiar and reliable arm for the notably unreliable French designs. As related in the book History of the United States Marine Corps: "The Marines ... turned in their trusted Lewis machine guns in exchange for French Chauchat automatic rifles and hotchkiss machine guns, both heavy and unreliable weapons that used different ammunition from the Marines' Springfields, and thus complicated supply problems."

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1) How many different unique billets for the Marine Corps E-9 ranks?
2) How many E-9 ranks are there in the Marine Corps?

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