Marine Corps Trivia

Here's another one involving the Brevet Medal. Which Marine won two Medals of Honor and a Brevet Medal, the closest any man has ever been to being a triple Medal of Honor awardee?
Smedley Darlington Butler aka "Old Gimlet Eye"
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I guess you're right. Since The Cooler King is on MIA list. You can shoot a question when you're ready, Marine.
"The new fighting force soon received the honor of its own special moniker: Spearhead. Nearly 600 Marines submitted entries to design a shoulder insignia expressing this name. The winning design, created by a lieutenant named Fergus Young, was a scarlet shield and gold V, pierced by a spearhead of blue."
James Bradley. Flags of Our Fathers. Pg. 157.​
Crap, I read that book. I should have to remember it. So, it's Lt. Fergus Young.

BTW, welcome back, man.
the Marine Corps barracks on 8th and I street

Wasn't it the Commandant's home? Not sure the Marine Barracks was there at the time. :| These days,I know it's considered one and the same but it is a separate building at the location, about a block away from each other.
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Since the barracks was in the vicinity of the Navy Yard then and the Commandants house is now part of the barracks I think Barracks works.
It is considered the same these days. Marine Barracks, Commandants house as well as MCI. When I was there, former Joint Chiefs, Gen. Peter Pace, was Col. Pace, my C.O.