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High stress. I hated it in many ways. High unnecessary stress too. USMC has more than I care for in regards to unnecessary discipline type of policies but 8th & I was 10 times worse, at least. I did march for Reagan, Bush Sr, Gunny Hathcock, Arnold and many others though, that was great
What country in Central America , was invaded/occupied by the US, and then had the USMC installed as the National Police for 21 years ?

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Who were the "China Marines " and why were they "forgotten " ?

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4th Marine Regiment Station variously in contingents in Shanghi, Tienstin, and Peking for as said approx 14 years, this formation included the Horse Marines a company strength unit designed as a scouting / honor unit the Marine Corps only "cavalry" unit.

The 4th Marine Regt was transferred to the Philippines at the beginning of WW2 and was captured/surrendered at Luzon and Corregidor and thus was stricken from the rolls as an active unit. The 4th was also the only unit denied the Presidental Unit Citation by McArthur because "Marines have enough decorations. Hence they are forgotten.

The current 4th Marines trace their lineage to the China Marine's hence the dragon on the crest of the unit's, and the Marine Raider Seperate Bn's of WWII.

The 4th Marine Regt was reconstituted in 43-44 by designating the recently formed Raider Regiment (in which all the seperate raider bn's were drawn into) The 4th Marine Regiment (Raider) the Raider designation was shortly there after dropped and they became simply the 4th Marines.

Or you could be refering to the Marines from the III Amphibous Corps mainly from 7th and 1st Marine Regiments that served in China from roughly 1945-49 . The expedition was not well publisized outside the Military at the time although fire fights happened and causalties were incurred. Marines who served during that period in China also rate membership in the China Marine Assoc.
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No Honduras...... but over the years, just about every country in Central America, from Mexico to Panama, to Columbia , to Hati, has been invaded by the USA, using the USMC as a tool of military domination and control.

here is a link to the long history of American occupation of it's neighbours in the western hemisphere.

Jim B. Toronto.

Actually Nicaragua would also be correct as the Guardia Nacional handled Police Duties and were commanded by Marine Officers, Notably Puller, Lee, Edson and De Valle. Most any Central or Caribbean Country would be correct and all Guardias were based on the Hatian Constabulary System set up by the USMC.
re how many marines WON the MOH twice...I'd say NONE..though the answer would be different if the question asked how many were so awarded.

And there is a man on record earning three.

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Okay these questions will get progressively harder, and will pay off according to degree of difficulty.

First Question is worth 10 milbucks.

During the War of 1812 and the taking of Washington DC one goverment building was not burned. Name the building and it's location.

The building was the Marine Barracks, and I concede this is the second answer given.

Marine Corps lore is that the British Ground Commander refrained from burning the Marine Corps barracks out of respect for the Marines.

Go to

General Robert Ross: "I told you it was the Flotilla men."

Admiral George Cockburn: "Yes, you were right, though I could not believe you—they have given us the only fighting we have had."

The "They" to whom General Ross and Admiral Cockburn referred were Joshua Barney's flotillamen. Neither General Ross nor Admiral Cockburn ever mentioned the Marines.
The device is called the 'French Fourragere' and it was given to the 5th and 6th marines for their fighting in the battles of Belleau wood, Soissons and Champain of WWI by the french ministry of defence. The award represents that the units got the croix de guerre with palms two times and so are allowed to wear this cord over the left shoulder.

"The purpose of this article is to highlight the important contributions of the 2nd Division's Engineers, the 2nd Engineer Regiment, in the bloody contest at Belleau Wood in June 1918. With shovel and '03 Springfield, the 2nd Engineers fought side-by-side with the "devil dogs" of the 4th Marine Brigade."


Author Col. Bill Anderson, USMC (Ret.)
No sh** huh? Logical since the Marine Brigade was attached to 2nd ID.

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