Marine Corps Trivia


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Okay these questions will get progressively harder, and will pay off according to degree of difficulty.

First Question is worth 10 milbucks.

During the War of 1812 and the taking of Washington DC one goverment building was not burned. Name the building and it's location.
Good Job. Next Question worth 25 milbucks

The Marine Aviation Contingent on Guadalcanal took it's nickname from the Code Word that referred to Henderson Field. What was the Marine Air Wing units nickname?
In addition to Tops Hint. Here's another. The Code name for Henderson Field was the name of a plant generally found in arid terrians.

Payoff is now 45 milbucks.
Correct the Cactus Air Force.

Next Question:

In early 1942 two Bn's were formed at the direction of the President.One Bn stood up at New River NC, the Other at Camp Elliot Ca. They were designated 1st and 2nd Seperate Bn. respectivly. For 150 MILBUCKS Provide the Offical designation these bn's would fight under.

For 50 extra milbucks name the Bn commanders.
I believe they were called the Raiders

1st Bn Commander is Lt. Col Merrit A. "Red mike" Edson

2nd Bn Commander is Major James Roosevelt. I believe later he was a Lt. Col. I think they were founded by Evans F. Carlson.

Is that right? Or did I just make a complete fool of Myself?
I think that's right, but Lt. Col Carlson commandet the 2nd Bn. Lt. Col Roosevelt commandet the 4th Bn stood up in the end of '42.
1st and 2nd Raider Bn's is correct. 150 for FDD for that answer.

1st was commanded by Red Mike Edson 25 to FDD .....................

2nd was commanded by Lt Col Evans Carlson. Jimmy Roosevelt was the Bn XO and yes later CO of the 4th Raiders briefly so 25 to the Jager.

This Marine gained his nickname due to the wild stories he told his fellow Marines about his duty station while Serving in the US Army. He was awarded the Medal of Honor and sent on a War Bond tour where he met his wife a Woman Marine. He returned to the Pacific and was KIA while acting as a Plt Sgt.

For 60 milbucks Name this Marine Including his nickname.
For 10 Name the Campaign in for which he was awarded the Medal of Honor.
For 20 name the campaign in which he was killed.
For 20 name the Award which was presented to his widow.
For 20 What did he tell his widow beforing requesting to return to the FMF.
That must have been Gunnery Seargant John 'Manila John' Basilone. He got the Medal of Honor on Guadalcanal and was killed in the campaign of Ivo Jima for wich he got the Navy Cross posthume.

I don't know what he said. Maybe something more pathetic than "Good Bye"
Correct . Gysgt Manila John Basilone. When explaining his reasons to his wife his reason was. "I'm staying with my boys." refering to the Wpns Platoon he had trained at Camp Pendelton.He went to Iwo Jima although he had the option to remain in the US to continue as an instructor.

For 75 milbucks What Marine Medal of Honor recepiant was the GI Joe action figure patterned after.
Was it a real person? I thought it was from a film. I'm sorry, but in germany we have no GI Joe's so I don't know anything :?
Correct, Mitchell Paige.

Two Marine Regiments are authorized to wear a cord device on their left shoulder. Only Marines assigned to these Regiments may wear the device and must remove it when reassigned.

For 50 milbucks Name the Device.
For 40 Name the Regiments and what the award represents.
The device is called the 'French Fourragere' and it was given to the 5th and 6th marines for their fighting in the battles of Belleau wood, Soissons and Champain of WWI by the french ministry of defence. The award represents that the units got the croix de guerre with palms two times and so are allowed to wear this cord over the left shoulder.