Marine Corps Trivia

Okay heres another clue.

This unit was stood down in the early 90's. And stood back up at the mainly because the Army needed and wanted this asset again.
Correct. The man from Canada nails it.

ANGLICO - Air and Naval Gunfire Liasion Companies

For 50

During the Spanish American war. A Marine NCO was awarded the Medal of Honor and became a National Hero for contacting ships for Naval Gunfire support while underfire. This NCO exposed himself to heavy fire to send semophore messages. Who was he?
John Quick is correct.

For 25

The red stripe on the Blue Dress Uniform trousers denotes what and what is it called?

For 60

In the Mid 19th Century Marines assigned to the US Navy's Asiatic Fleet fought what was known as the Weekend War.

Where and against whom was this war fought?

This Medal of Honor recipient was known for fashioning a weapon called the Stinger, for 50 Who is he?