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Have to guess here as none of the sources I can locate give that information. I know that she handled publicity duties, but not where.

Oddly enough, none of the official USMC sites list her at all - they list Opha Mae Johnson as the first of 305 women to be accepted for duty in the Marine Corps Reserve on 12 August 1918. Lela Rogers' obituary states that she was one of the first 10 women to enlist in the Marine Corps.
Corporal is incorrect, but I'm giving you 5 anyways since you were the only one responding to that question with any amount of accuracy. She was a Marine Sergeant. I want to do another question now.

Here's an appropriate question:
How did wartime conservation efforts affect the Oscars handed out at the Academy Awards during World War 2?

And for extra credit(another five milbucks) tell me whatever happened to those Oscars in question and how much they would fetch at an auction. And I'll need a source for that.
You don't have to respond to the extracredit in order to answer the original question. even if we move on to another question before the extra credit is answered the extra credit will still be a valid way to earn 5 milbucks.
During the War, the Oscars were made out of plaster instead of the usual gold-plating and britanium, and they were exchanged for the normal statues after the war. No idea about the extra credit
I'm not sure about how much they would be worth, but I saw that they only had one known to exist in the academies vault, and since they are against selling OScars, if that is the only one, I would have no idea how much they would be worth. The originla plater ones cost $10.
Plaster is not the correct answer according to the book. If you give me a website that says that the one remaining WW2 era Oscar is in a vault I'll give you the extra credit.
the "correct" answer was wood.

Soldiers of what nation do not have to salute officers and are paid overtime for KP and other undesirable assignments?
You are correct. They were fully unionized in the 1960s. I wonder if unionizing makes them weaker or more determined to fight. One would think weaker but anyways thats another topic for another thread.

How did Napolean Bonaparte finance his invasion of Russia in 1812?
What bathtub-bathing edict did England's King George VI issue for Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle to cut down on the use of fuel during World War II?
I'm guessing either you don't know or are now entirely interested in Silver Phoenix's trivia. Either way the answer is "He decreed that tubs could be filled with no more than five inches of water and had lines painted at the five inch level to make the depth of his commitment clear"

For what expenditure did the tiny European principality of Andorra allocate its entire national defense budget of $5 about twenty years ago?
This one I do now.. :D

The answer is: Blanks..
For use in ceremonial salutes to foreign visitors..

How many blanks do you get for $5??
We could get about 15-20 here in Norway..
(I think it's about $0.30 pr blank)