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Ok I think i will start posting trivia for yall whenever I can. It seems the GuyontheRight gave up, so I'll use my trivia book and see if you can answer. I don't require a source just give me the correct answer and we will go to the next question. I'll give 5 milbucks to the first correct answer posted. Do not post multiple guesses. Post only one answer in your post and do not answer a question more than once. And don't complain to me if a question has more than one answer that you found or anything like that I will just go by what my book says.

1. What was the only US battleship to be present at both the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, on December 7,1941, and at the D-Day invasion on June 6, 1944?

Good luck.
I'm not sure if you mean how they were measured, or what size they were, but they were originally made to go under New york's Brooklyn Bridge and throught he Panama Canal as far as size.
That's the answer I was looking for D Plus One. Good job!

3.What is the meaning of the comanche phrase posah-tai-vo, the term Indian code-talkers inthe Army Signal Corps used on the battlefield during World War II to refer to Adolf Hitler?
Good job Guy on the Right. Are these too easy? You guys don't seem to have too much trouble.

4.In 1996, which country's army became the last in the world to disband its carrier pigeon service?