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So, your saying the Carthaginians used Roman technology to defeat the Romans. I never thought about that, how interesting.
Darkmb101 said:
My completely random answer to the question is: a chicken

That guess isn't toally absurd, I found this interesting tidbit about Romans and chickens.

On his return to Rome, Pulcher was tried for incompetence in Rome and fined heavily. (This was unusual for the Romans, who normally realized that defeats had to be expected. The Carthaginians on the other hand often crucified unsuccessful generals.) The story arose that Pulcher was defeated for impiety. The Romans kept sacred chickens in cages to determine the attitude of the gods: if they ate, the gods favored battle (hence if the chickens were not kept well fed, a favorable omen could usually be gotten). Pulcher's chickens were apparently sea-sick and refused to eat. He is said to have thrown them overboard, saying "If they won't eat, let them drink." The gods were apparently not amused.
True i read that some where i thought the carths. threw the chickens overboard or something and won the battle, but i guess not.