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What's the year in your book? There was almost always a border dispute or regional rebellion that the British were involved in in India.
If I say the year you will figure out the war, but I promise this is an actual war, not a dispute or rebellion. I can't say much about the war cuz i don't know much about it.
Are you sure your book is right? I came up with the Boer War too, according to this

Surprisingly it was not until 1885 that the entire army in India followed suit. It then took fifteen years before the British military adopted the uniform - referred to as KD, Khaki Drill - to fight the Boer War. Khaki has since, of course, been used by armies throughout the world.

EDIT: Or is it the Kaffir War in South Africa during 1851?
Then Paul Revere would have yelled "The mudcoats are coming, the mudcoats are coming!" :wink:

Ok after much digging I haven't gotten a definate answer, but the closest I came is the Crimea War.
I'm going to guess everyone gave up so I'll give the answer and the new question.

And the book says "The Afghan War in 1880 - it was considered good camouflage"

7. Who was issued ID number 01 when the US military started issuing dog tags in 1918?
No, we're talking First Punic War. Carthaginians beating the Romans? The only major sea victory they had was at Lilybaeum to my knowledge.
No, it was at the Battle of Drepanum when the Carthaginians defeated the Romans at sea. But the Battle of Drepanum was at Lilybaeum.
If you're going to get me on a technicality, I said their only major victory was at Lilybaeum. And the Battle of Drepanum was at Lilybaeum. :wink:

Anyhow, I have no idea what animal they used, nor could I find it.