Chinese invasion on Taiwan

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your post is simply great :D

If there were more bright people like you in control of world, we will get a much better life on this planet.

Btw. Taiwan is not a Carrier which can move, Taiwan will always be located in that place just 200KM from Mainland China.

Oh again, when China becomes Superpower, those independence wannaba taiwanese will come to kiss Chinese arse to say they are also Chinese because they also speak Chinese Mandarians :lol:
Why is China so eager to take Taiwan which helped them enter the industrail revolution?

Taiwan dident help China with anything...There is almost no cooperation between the 2 sides.. The Chinese want Taiwan back because they see it as a part of China.

China took Tibet,Hong Kong, and now Taiwan

Hmmm...China did not take Hong-Kong, the 99 years of lease to the UK ended, and Hong-Kong wqas rightfully given back to China.

nuke the Japanese (understandable in a wa:lol:y).

How is that understandable? what is understandable about using WMDs on someone who is no threat to you. I suggest that you rethink that.

By there same logic Canada should have be in control of Britian and all common wealth nations!

How is that the same logic?
Taiwan and China have major trade. Some where around 17% of forign cash. Tiawan has been independent for a long time. They made their own desisions for how long? 50 years.
my bad on Hong Kong.
The Japanese never apologiesed for their actions against asian countries during world war 2, Germany did. I don't want to see anyone nuked. Exept for NK.
Why should NK be nuked? That would not only cause a nuclear war, and seal S.koreas fate for sure, but it would also be a human rights fiasco. Just because the overnment of N. Korea is a bad one, doesn't mea the innocent ones should pay the price as well. I believe most men are conscripted into the north Korean army as well. When you need to conscript to build a powerful army, it usually means that the people arent the least bit patriotic about their government at the time.
Re: China invade Taiwan? a view from a Chinese

proteinxx said:
Hello, friends, I really like this forum. I myself barely post anything, but I don’t feel good when I see some people showing strong hostile to China, so I want to make some comments here:

First: I think China is just trying to stop losing what originally belongs to them.----Remember: China never said they are eagerly take that province back unless that province eager to declare dependence. Why China can be just little open mind and just let it go? Go to library and read some books, I am sure you can find some answers. And why China these time show such strong desire to stop this? Check some news happened in last few months.

good point proteinxx, but just how far back do we go to establish the actual ownership of Taiwan (formerly Formosa) ? 50 years? 100 years? 150 years? You see that little island was independant at one time, it had an aboriginal colony of people on it.. But its been handed back and forth so many times by so many conquers its difficult to establish the true "owner". One could consider the same logic when you look at Cuba and the US. We did get Cuba as the result of a war. We gave it its independance. welll....what are cubans though? Spanish? Slaves of African decent? the original aboriginal natives? where does the actual ownership start? at the hands of the largest gun?

Second: Every empire dies----NO EXCEPTION, most of them die from being arrogant---again, dear friends, read some history books. I understand American do not have history but I wish American at least try to read some history books---even just a high school history textbook. 200 years as for a country is very short period of time, 50 years as super power is just a simple glimpse second in the time of history. This world is much more broad than most American think.

I would take offense to this as an American, but i believe your precept is essentially correct. being arragant can lead to a downfall of a nation..that and stupidity, greediness, and ignorance. Id wish more american kids would read history..we can learn from it. The really unreconize fact of your point is this: we are a nation of history. Our natiion was founded on the dissadents, the down trodden, the outcasts from around the world, each bringing their storys of their history, their dislikes, their rememberances. They for the most part, taught it to their young in this land. A lot of us are conditioned from birth to naturally distrust, or suspect any country but our own for largely this reason.

Third: Do not talk nuclear war like a PC game, your girl friend and my girl friend both could really die if there is going to a nuclear war. A person still can survive for a while even he is arrogant----- but if he is arrogant AND ignorant, he is just running straight into his tomb and record of his life is a piece of joke.

so far.. most of the young people who have posted on this subject, when bringing up nuclear war, treat it just like a PC game: it is that distant from them, because they have lived with it so long, it is distant, and non-connected to reality. Arrogance and ignorance will get you killed...just as well as complacency. now if you poll the average young person, i dont think you'll find that nuclear war is ver high on their impotant life lists.

Forth: There are devil Chinese and devil American, don let them fool us and doom the future. Try to think with our own brain and stop conflicts.


Fifth: China is evolving, even communists there are still calling themselves communists, China is overall becoming free world step by step. Considering its size and population please give it time---Just don’t take it for granted and think China as communist evil. Nobody like Communist---that is the reason they are chaning!! Try to think about China society like 1900s USA. And don’t forget Chinese and American were allies again Japs in WWII. The nature of people from both sides is not hostile to each other at all. But if you push it too hard, you are creating a real enemy. If you really want to talk about war----think about Chinese shadow in war in Vietnam and war in Korea the same time when you think about war in Iraq. America is developing, changing and improving, the world around you are also changing and improving. There is no single big country that is really ruled by a bunch of stupid guys and just sit there let you kill them if you do not like them anymore. Beside, look around everything selling in Walmart, if it is just one or two items produced from one place, it is not big deal, but when you talk about almost EVERYTHING and EVERYDAY from the SAME PLACE!! ---THAT IS NO MORE JUST “NOT A BIG DEAL!” And it happened just in 20 years. Think about what will be like in next 20 years. Nobody wants war, but arrogant and ignorant definitely will create one. Everybody lose in such a war between two big countries.

Agree. unfortunatly, when China becomes so big, and so populated that it cant feed itself anymore...I really dont want to be in the way of hungrey, un-happy people. They forget about democracy...they forget about communism...they forget about most things except that big ache in their adominal area. and what really worrys me is a group of "leaders" saying the right things that would fill those hungry bellies...

Last: again, dear friends, watch less Hollywood movie, read more books and you will begin to understand what is arrogant and what is ignorant. :)


Well whats the best thing that can possibly happen? would a one world government, with one law, one faith, one creed, and one purpose be enough?

You know, when ever I think of Americas role in the world..I'm reminded of the old train conductors poem:

I'm not allowed to drive the train
the whistle I cant blow
I'm not allowed to designate
How far the train must go
I'm not allowed to feed the boiler
or even ring the bell
but let the darn thing jump the track
and you'll see who catches h_ll


thanks..and more

thanks for the replies.. no matter good or bad.

Frankly speaking, I donot feel hope about this conflict. Especially if the current adminstration in USA still run for next 4 years. The stupid guy plus the devil guys around him could be the end of this world. I dnot think they even will try to make a deal with China or do some peace talk at all. When they talk about war or even nuclear war---- I think they are more like kids talking about PC game----I rememberred one congressman (sorry I forget the name) once yelled in 2001 when China hold American surveillance plane : "Nuke China, the best they can do is to only nuke Los Angles" and this motherF**ker's own hometown is somewhere in NY. Yeah, even the two countries begin to throw nukes to each other, they might still hide underground surviving for next 50 years until they naturelly die. but what about us?

American government is too arrogant to let China take back Taiwan cause they think they are the only ones having truth in this planet and having the right to say who shall have what, and Chinese government is too proud to lose the island when Chinese finally can find the national honor which was lost in last 200 painful years. China might be wiped out from this planet, but USA will beome too weak to even survive for another decade. ...So...NK start to nuke Japs, India start to Nuke Parkistan, Israel start to nuke Saudi....Finally there is a guy who start to Nuke Russia. Russia's auto revenge system clear off everything in this world. BOooooom........DEAD END, GAME OVER!---Let's all restart from Africa again---This time let's try black people is the one who liberate white people from being slave:) You know what---- there are a bunch of alien kids watching us just like what we are watching the PC games.

Human beings never really get smarter during thousands years evolution after they claimed themselves "civilized". History simply repeat itself again and again. We need some key mutations in our gene and our proteins to make our natural evolution become revolution in our brain.
Yes, Bush is not the brightest guy, but he is not stupid enough to nuke anyone. That is political suicide in its self. Do you realize that if we nuke someone, aside from the idiots who cheer that sort of thing on, the sensible prt of the US would do everything possible to get his ass out of office. He would not nuke any, and won't touch hde nor hair of china. Don't be such a radical, that sort of thing is extremel unlikely.
sensible part of america

the sensible part of america.....sigh...

When Hitler made almost all Germany fight for him to start WWII, When McCarthy let all American suspect Born-Oppenheimer might be a communist, When China 1 billtion people went through the terrible 10 years culture revolution, Where is the sensible part?? None. Cause the people was brain-washed: "YOU ARE IN GREAT DANGER RIGHT NOW!!! YOU NEED A GREAT LEADER TO GIVE YOU THE DIRECTION TO SURVIVE"

You know how a dicatator want to start his dream to make him like a real emperor in a free world: start from scaring people. When we all get scared enough, we won't complain anything.

When our phone bill, credit cards statement, even our words posted on this website all need to be checked......the sensible part of this country is falling apart.

It is funny cause I left the once-upon-a-time communist country but now I am seeing another commuinst country is being given birth---and right here in the center of free world in the name of freedom.
I think China underestimates Taiwan..
Even if China's PLA landed on Taiwan, they'll get surrounded in no time by Taiwanese forces.
It's not easy to fight in buildup area -- especially in big and complicated city areas in Taiwan.
China may look big on the map compared to Taiwan. But in military power, size of the country doesn't really count.
think China underestimates Taiwan..
Even if China's PLA landed on Taiwan, they'll get surrounded in no time by Taiwanese forces.
It's not easy to fight in buildup area -- especially in big and complicated city areas in Taiwan.
China may look big on the map compared to Taiwan. But in military power, size of the country doesn't really count.

Hmmm, in this case the country in question has a decent military-force. I think they can take taiwan quite easily if it stands alone(once the acctually got their army across the straights, which i dont think they can). But if tyhe US steps in, the Chinese army is in serious trouble.
HERO said:
I think China underestimates Taiwan..
Even if China's PLA landed on Taiwan, they'll get surrounded in no time by Taiwanese forces.
It's not easy to fight in buildup area -- especially in big and complicated city areas in Taiwan.
China may look big on the map compared to Taiwan. But in military power, size of the country doesn't really count.

No one in PLA takes taiwanese seriously, the problem is the big daddy usa of taiwan :D

Relax, there will be no war across Taiwan Straits, most taiwanese only care about making living, so called taiwan independence of those dirty politicians can bring for taiwanese people nothing but complete destruction, and the majority of taiwanese ppl are smart enough :D
63% of Taiwanese Favor Peace Deal With China: Poll

Friday July 23, 7:37 AM
63% of Taiwanese Favor Peace Deal With China: Poll

TAIPEI, July 23 Asia Pulse - Sixty-three per cent of Taiwan people are in favor of signing a peace treaty with mainland China under which Beijing promises not to invade Taiwan and Taiwan promises not to declare independence for the next 50 years, a new survey published Thursday showed.
The survey on the perception of Taiwan people on Taiwan Strait security was conducted by National Chengchi University at the commission of the prestigious magazine "Business Weekly, " and collected 1,811 effective samples. The survey had a margin of error of 2.3 per cent.

The survey found that 51 per cent feel cross-strait relations have been poor over the past year, compared with 33 per cent who have no opinion, and 15 per cent who said that relations are good. Sixty-four per cent believe that there won't be a war in the next three years, compared with 11 per cent who said war would break out.

If Taiwan creates a new constitution in 2006, 38 per cent said war would not happen, compared with 28 per cent who said there would be war.

However, if Taiwan announces independence, 58 per cent believed that there would be a war, compared with 21 per cent who said that this would not be the case.

Fifty-one per cent of those polled also said that if cross-strait war erupts, the United States would come to Taiwan's aid, compared with 23 per cent who think that the U.SUMMARY. won't make such a move. If the U.S. won't assist Taiwan, 59 per cent said that Taiwan is incapable of defending itself, while 26 per cent disagreed.

The survey also found that if Taiwan announced independence through democractic process, and mainland China decided to attack Taiwan, 47 per cent think that Taiwan shouldn't fight with mainland China to preserve its democracy and independence, compared with 34 per cent who are in favor of a fight.

In the triangular Washington-Beijing-Taipei relations, 52 per cent said that Taiwan should maintain friendly relations with Beijing and Washington simultaneously, compared with 16 per cent who said that it would be best for Taiwan to maintain friendly relations with the United States, and less than 10 per cent who think that to maintain friendly relations with mainland China would be best for Taiwan.

Thirty-four per cent favored the status quo, advocating making decisions later, compared with 24 per cent who are in favor of maintaining the status quo forever, 14 per cent who are in favor of maintaining the status quo and moving toward independence, 11 per cent who are in favor of maintaining the status quo and moving toward unification. The ratio of those who favor "unification as soon as possible, " and "independence as soon as possible" account for less than 10 per cent, respectively.

Meanwhile, several scholars spoke about the results of the survey.

Chien Hsi-chieh, executive director of the Peacetime Foundation of Taiwan, said that future cross-strait relations is a grave issue, and if mainland China chooses to resolve the cross-strait impasse by force, it will destroy mainland China's "peaceful emergence" theory and destabilize the Asia-Pacific region and world peace.

Shih Ming-teh, a former chairman of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, said that he has traveled to 70 countries and none of the people he has met has ever said that Taiwan is anything other than an independent, sovereign nation.

According to Shih,

although most countries don't maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, this does not mean that Taiwan doesn't exist. As Taiwan is already a sovereign independent country, there is no question of announcing its independence, he said, stressing that everyone wants peace and that anti-war is universal value.

On Singapore Deputy Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong's comments on Taiwan after his recent trip to the country that Taiwan focuses too much on domestic issues and ignores changes in the international community, Shih also said that of the top brass of the ruling Democratic Progressive Party, only Vice President Annette Lu has shown more concern with international affairs, while President Chen Shui-bian and three of his right-hand men -- Presidential Office Secretary-General Su Tseng-chang, Premier Yu Shyi-kun and Kaohsiung Mayor Frank Hsieh -- care less about international affairs than for party and local matters.


Related link:
8) Taiwan is an independent country. It has its own government and administration and military.
Chinese Communist government has no right to say that the island belongs to China.
It is as absurd if Taiwan says that mainland China is theirs.
The same way, it is wrong for China to say that Taiwan belongs to China.
HERO said:
8) Taiwan is an independent country. It has its own government and administration and military.
Chinese Communist government has no right to say that the island belongs to China.
It is as absurd if Taiwan says that mainland China is theirs.
The same way, it is wrong for China to say that Taiwan belongs to China.

So, Taiwan is an Independent Country, so your Singapore established Diplomatic Relationship with the Independent Taiwan Country? :lol:

What are you afraid of if you don't have diplomatic relationship with Taiwan?

Your PM is also like coward, who dares not to establish the Diplomatic Relationship with the Independent Taiwan Country.

Talking is cheap, action counts :lol:
FlyingFrog said:
Talking is cheap, action counts :lol:

I think you are exactly right flying frog. Sherman, im locking the post until someone comes to their senses. about three days ought to do it.

PM me when you all come down off the wall, y'all.

okay, i think 1.5 days will do..that and that hilarious troll post convinced me you guys got your sense of humor back... :D
Men, when you didn't lose your temper, you both are good Mods, my thumbs up for you all :D

Oh yah, I read Taiwanese sources again, their leaders are already planning for Escape Routes for their lives in case the war breaks out, something like flee to Philipines :lol:

Oh Sherman, when I am "fighting" against HERO/SAINT, you can simply take a seat and sit down watching, I and HERO are both Chinese, one from Mainland China another from Singapore, teeth even bite teeth let alone 2 Chinese men, heihei

Admin: Please don't double post.. ;)
Flying Frog.. we are from different countries and we are completely different in our ideology. It's just like North and South Korea.

I am brought up in a democratic society and our administration is mainly adopted from the British way of government. During schooling years from age 7 onwards till 17 or 18, we as Singapore citizens recite our pledge every morning to build a democratic society regardless of race, language and religion -- during school assembly before we go to classes.

That's how we are brought up and that's what we believe -- in democracy and in our constitution. 8)
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