Chinese invasion on Taiwan

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PMs are very very good things to straighten out talk below the water line so as not to upset some of our more gentle folk..and to use if you think you are going to lose your temper and wind up saying something you might regret later...

I highly reccomend them. :D

back to the why would anyone want to escape to the philippines? Does it offer a haven of some sort? this is interesting...i may need to run there sooner or later.

8) Yes, the Philippines is a good place to be... lots of sunshine and good beaches.

As for the possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan, the Chinese government seems to think that by removing the Taiwanese president Chen, then all is well. China's side has even thought of assassinating the Taiwanese president by missiles and so on and thinks to subdue Taiwan by 'beheading the Head' as China calls it. That is rather a terrorist way of doing things, it seems.

Contingency plans, of course have to be formulated to protect the elected Taiwanese president, in case of such underhand tactics are used against him. :rambo:
im sorry,,,but it seems to me that being president of taiwan must be more messed up than any other job in the world.

he must have nerves of steel..that or some very good drugs... :D
Mark Conley said:
im sorry,,,but it seems to me that being president of taiwan must be more messed up than any other job in the world.

he must have nerves of steel..that or some very good drugs... :D

;) It seems so... when 1.3 billion people seem to want his life...
suggestion for SAINT

SAINT, sir:
China and Singapore just like-- "North and South Korea"--------------This is the most ignorant comment I have ever heard for long time. SAINT, Have you ever heard about “reform and open policy” in China and that policy has been there for almost 30 years? have you ever heard China is pulling the largest investment from the world in 2003? Have you ever heard average Chinese life span is on the top class in the world? Have you ever heard more than 300,000 Chinese students coming back to China each year from westen world to change the China more rapidly. Have you ever heard USA thinks China is the most potential competitor in the world? Have you ever heard in next 20 years China might be leading economy entity in the world? Have you ever heard China is going setup its own space station soon? Yeah, SAINT, in your mind, most Chinese still starving to death and beg food from you and you are scared cause we might only look for you for food cause we will think you might have some “blood” relationship with you and we might still think you are “CHINESE”. WHAT A NARROW MIND WITH YOU—SAINT. And please do not even think about the word “Chinese”, cause you are just going to put stains on the word “Chinese” by just thinking about it. Let me tell you what word you deserve---“PUPPY”. 20 years huge changes and improvements in China (both in economy and society system) in your eyes is nothing. I call it “DISCIMINATION” cause we have some weirdo here think himself has evolved to ENGLISHMAN already after he has been "COLONIZED" by a drowning "empire" once upon a time.
SAINT, WAKE UP, it is 2004, not 1904

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"Singapore is a democratic society"--------------This is the most hilarious word I have ever heard for a long time. I am even reluctant to argue with you. Technically only one party is allowed and the son heritage the presidency from the father. What a great democracy!!! And people will be "OFFICIALLY" beat up in jail by government if he might just splits. Where is the human right? What a joke !!!!! Your Singapore is a WIEDO MIXTURE of dictator and your so called “Democracy” that you only learned and understood 0.1% from your old step father British!!! Beside, you know what, your so-called “proud heart” married a small piece of island that just generate a twisted soul for you. Everybody knows most pycho killers cover themselves with bright appearances. Go to see a doctor, SIANT, you are just one of them with twisted soul!!

I once was told some ignorant white people discriminate black people in America but same time some ignorant black people in America discriminate black people in Africa; I also was told Indian was discriminated by some stupid local people in England but same time some ignorant Indian in England discriminate Indian in India.

Now I realize there is ignorant "COLONIZED" Chinese discriminate Chinese in China.--------WHAT A SHAME ON YOU AND PATHETIC!!!

SAINT, remember, being a puppy is good, just do not bark, ---that is stupid. And especially when puppy barks towards a lion---that is more than stupid, that is disgusting. .
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Woah, your argument is simply great! :D

Well, like it or not, CSB will be gone after another 4 years, and Taiwan will not float to America continent, we are watching and monitoring on him day and night :lol:
Who Gains

I read that story often but the reality is WHY? Taiwan poses no threat and we do have a protective treaty with Nationalist China. The PRC has expanded by taking back Hong Kong from the British. Their economy is growing without risking war.
The PRC has expanded by taking back Hong Kong from the British

They did not take it back, It was returned to them when the 99 years of the lease agrrement were over. Lets not accuse them of things they did not do.
I guess china might see it as being an embarresment that Taiwan is trying to break away as they consider taiwan part of china and it does not look good on china!
Non-renewal of lease

I meant that the PRC did not renew their lease with the United Kingdom and without force regained control of Hong Kong.
It was always going to be that after 99 years the lease deal would expire and Hong Kong would return back to china, though due to 99 years of capitalism Hong Kong is governed differently to the rest of China
more comments

Sorry for my previous flaming post---sometime you just got to do that to somebody...

While, This thing is that I never heard anybody, anybody in China arguing to reunite Taiwan immediately just because they want to. Chinese, I think, once made a very very clear statement to keep the current situation and let the people resolve the problem years later because mainland side is too busy for the economy development, in addition, let taiwan to test the democracy route and setup the example for some stubborn communists is not bad at all, cause later China sure will follow what Taiwan has experienced for the democracy.

So, Where is the problem from? Why China changed the mind and has to take action these days?

Let me tell you two reasons here:

1> Some very mean politicians people in Taiwan want to leave their name in the history book, frankly speaking, they think it is supper for them if they can be come a "president" of an official country. They don’t care about war or peace, they don’t care about what is the best future for Taiwan people or both sides, All they care is that whether they can go to UN to speak as president of a country, they are dreaming they can be welcomed like Mandela someday, they can become “Founding Father” of a new country and they can be memorized forever as “Democratic Fighter” in front of “Brutal Dictator China”. Just check to see how this guy get re-elected in recent Taiwan “election”---if we still call that “election”. (The guy in while house might learn something from him, J )

2> Never forget about Japan, please. If anybody wants to talk about war or big issues that involved in East Asia, never forget about the factor from Japan. And I need to remind you Japan once took Taiwan for 50 years and invade China, that is most painful period in Chinese 5000 year’s history. What I want to tell everybody here is : The former “president” of Taiwan (Li Teng- Hui) who promote the independence of Taiwan declared himself many times in public that he is in fact a Japanese and he is very proud of that. You know what, he has a very strong tight relationship with right wing people in Japan.

If there is a war really happen, China and USA both are just completely played by somebody who is behind the scence. The current "president" in Taiwan is very mean politician, and the former "president" of taiwan think himself as Japanese. Now it is very clear who really want this war, it is them pushing both China and USA to the edge of the danger. “When crab fight with Pelican, fishman just wait and take both”—That is the logic behind. China has to take action cause they cannot lose the land---No government in this planet dare to lose the land in front of its own people. USA has to take action too---cause they are not smart enough to understand who is really behind this and they only understand that they are the only policeman and authority shall never be challenged. If somebody America die, he will not die from battlefield with his enemy, he will be stabbed from behind by one of his “closest” allies. So…. DEAD END. But the “smart people” in Taiwan and Japan might not understand one final thing: If China is going to be ruined, will they really let Japan and Taiwan survive before they die?

Last word: the ugliest thing in the world is politics, the ugliest people in the world is politician. War is the tool of politician to reach their goal---for their own, not for people.
No question and no exception about that.
It was like this:

The Brits still wanted to control the HongKong, but the Chinese leader Deng told their Iron Lady that if you don't go after 1997 then we Chinese will send troops in to kick you out, after hearing this, the Iron Lady of Britain fell out of the traps of the Great Hall in Beijing after the meeting. It was big news that time :lol:
Hmmm. So this is all a Japanese plot...?

Not really.

I think the grandmother of the ex-president of Taiwan Li was a japanese, and Li speaks good japanese, and his brother serverd in the japanese army during WW2 and died in battle.

Of course the japans wanted a disunified China, it is always of the interest to them.

But hell, times has changed, Taiwan will belong to China again, like it or not :lol:
Im all for a unification, when China turns democratic. As long as it isent, I see no reason for the people of Taiwan to want to unify with Main-Land.
It would be too difficult to govern taiwan unless china was democratic as i cant see taiwan wanting to be governed by communists after so long democratically governed! the people of taiwan would likely have problems adjusting, the economy of taiwan might noy adapt! either china will have to take taiwan by force and change the whole structure of taiwans government and possibly lose a lot of investment in china, or they will stay seperate entities!
In a word, China is still a communist country. It may delude people in the world to think that it is becoming 'less' communistic by doing business and getting along with the world. But fundamentally, China is still communist and that fact hasn't changed.

Anytime, China gets enough from the world and she might turn back to what it really is.. communism. Communism hasn't died; it just transforms itself to look like an angel.
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