Chinese invasion on Taiwan

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some people's logic here

When Hitler hate Jew, he does not need a reason, cause he is psycho

SAINT, thinking China is a devil communists country and you are always the better advanced creature does not make it true. and please read my prevoius post for you again.
If China were a democractic country, it won't think of invading Taiwan.
It just shows that a communist country can't tolerate democracy. So the nearest democractic country (Taiwan) to China will be the first target for the Communist China.

Fundamentally, communism and democracy are enemies.
really funny

tell me your age please.
Obiviosly you need basic logic sense, if your serveral prevous post makes me feel you just dislike China, your last post obviously let us know you are only a kid.
I am really reluctant argue with you anymore, go to yourself just type "war history". Educate yourself how your step father invaded all those counties in africa and asia and how they torutured China centry ago and how they get the current port you are living, how america killed native american, how world war start, how super power invade midest and centra america (that little country) and on and on. Democracy has nothing to do with war. Economy is always the reason.
Kid, I shall doubt that you are either still have baby smell in your body or you are completely lack of education at all.
Stop my post here and I dont argue with kid.
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