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Shotgun 5 5.49%
Rifle 43 47.25%
Pistol 10 10.99%
Strictly Military Hardware (GLs, MGs, ARs, etc) 31 34.07%
Zip Guns 2 2.20%
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January 6th, 2004  
Good call, sherman105, those are real sweet weapons. My uncle has two (he has a few too many guns, haha), and they are real fun to use.
January 7th, 2004  

Topic: Good URL for modern Fire Arms

I love this website it has so much info and pics:
January 21st, 2004  
Pistols i seem to be most accurate with.

Only ones i've used are the Walther PP, Beretta 92FS & Desert Eagle.

I must say the Desert Eagle is a damn lot heavier than the other two.
January 23rd, 2004  
Hmm....the M16A2 was kind of fun, but I want to try the M249 SAW, my brother shoots that when he goes out on Manuevers with his ROTC company (he's at Auburn University) and he said it kicks ass. Umm....the M92f Beretta (Military Issue) was fun, nice and accurate. So either pistols or assault rifles/lmgs
January 23rd, 2004  
Any of you all ever done any Western Action shooting?
Now that looks like a kick in the pants.
January 23rd, 2004  

Topic: i msut say

redneck....you are a l;ittle frightning....lol
January 23rd, 2004  
That's my job, keeping you all on your toes.

You guys see the new Smith & Wesson .50 caliber revolver? That things a beast.
January 26th, 2004  
Does my radio count, because at the other end is a battery of 155mm howitzers?
January 27th, 2004  
Sure, I wouldn't want to argue with you on that one, might decide to drop the range a bit too much someday .
January 31st, 2004  
Originally Posted by Redneck
But the size of it, the muzzle blast (1m Long!!), and the sound of it can scare anyone so much that you don't have to hit anything anyway... 8)
LOL ....The desert eagles are awesome looking but i like the M16's or M4 varients....I just like the looks of them