WW2 Trivia



"The first example of America's second jet fighter prepares for its first flight at Muroc Flight Test Base on Jan. 8, 1944. Famed designer Clarence L. "Kelly" Johnson is to the right of the airplane in stocking cap and overcoat. The dark green and gray aircraft, nicknamed "Lulu-Belle," was literally designed around the British-built de Havilland H.1 Goblin engine. A one-of-a-kind airframe, the XP-80 was smaller than all subsequent P-80 models. This was the first American aircraft to exceed 500 mph in straight and level flight."
The Very First Bomb Dropped By The RAF On Berlin During WWII Killed The Only Elephant In The Berlin Zoo. First British air raid on Berlin. Sept 3, 1940

You know, the first German bomb dropped on Russia during World War II killed only an elephant at the Leningrad zoo. Coincidence or conspiracy against elephants?
We have a winner.

"On Monday, June 3, 1940, a bit under a month after Germany invaded France, as the Dunkirk evacuation of over a third of a million troops was winding up, and eleven days before German boots would march into Paris, 300 Luftwaffe bombers pounded the city, producing somewhere between a few hundred and several hundred mostly civilian casualties. France's response was to hatch a plan to bomb Berlin in a retaliatory strike. This was not to be an effectively destructive raid, but rather a psychological attack, much like, although even smaller than, the US raid on Japan, flown by B-25 medium bombers from the carrier Hornet nearly two years later."