WW2 Trivia

BaZoOkAzNgReNaDeZ said:
Made what? German Maus II or Ratte?

The Ratte....
so you are probably right. The Maus II was the heaviest tank ever built ;)

The Maus II:
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ur turn buddy

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Will the last person to correctly answer the last legitimate question before all this :eek:fftopic: crap, please pose the next question.
Messerschmitt developed the first operational jet fighter, the Me 262, proving to be significantly faster than conventional propeller-driven aircraft.
What was the first American aircraft designed specifically as a radar-equipped night fighter used in World War II?
Which American aircraft carrier was the ship in which the famous Doolittle Raid was launched, and during what later campaign was she lost?

Note: You need the answer to both parts of this question to get it completely right.