WW2 Trivia

What successful attack was studied by the Japanese as a basis for Japan's attack on Pearl Harbor? Name both sides of the attack and the place and date.
The 509th spearheaded the Allied invasion of North Africa. The longest Airborne operation occurred 8 November 1942. After a C-47 flight of over 1600 miles from England, the battalion seized Tafarquay Airport in Oran, Algeria by parachute assault.
German Paratroopers suffered such heavy casualties that Hitler never used them as Paratroops again. Where and when was the battle?
What was the nickname for the fleet of ships that brought supplies to Tobruk during the seige
The Royal Navy and the RAN service kept the garrison supplied by means of the "Tobruk ferry" which included the Australian destroyers Napier, Nizam, Nestor and Vendetta. Lost on the supply run were two destroyers including HMAS Waterhen, three sloops including HMAS Parramatta and 21 smaller vessels.

source: http://www.awm.gov.au/encyclopedia/tobruk/