WW2 Trivia

What was the site of the first (and only) raid by the Marine Raiders and which unit participated in the assault?
Tested first during the Aug. 7, 1942, Guadalcanal landing,
Edsonþs Raiders, the 1st Raider Battalion, struck at Tulagi, an
island across the channel from the main landing force.
That was part of the regular amphibious assault on Guadalcanal, so no, that's incorrect. I want the hit and run raid location that came shortly afterwards to support that operation.
You're right about the 1st Raiders participating in the invasion of Guadalcanal, but that was part of a standard amphibious assault while attached to the 1st Marine Division. What I'm looking for is the raid when a Raiders battalion was used in its intended role of raiding Japanese-held islands, then withdrawing and forcing the enemy to waste time, effort, and equipment to replace what the Raiders destroyed. What the 1st Raiders did on Tulagi and Guadalcanal, while heroic, was not a raid.

HINT: You're looking for operations by the 2nd Raider Battalion.....
Maklin island. the 2nd landed from the the submarines Nautilus SS-168 and Argonaut SS-166 on 17AUG1942:twisted:
Bah, I'm sick of waiting. Since it was tomtom who first asked the question of where gigabrain went to, I guess he can go in his place.
On April 16, 1942 Japanese Imperial GHQ Naval Order No.18 is issued.
What did this order specifically direct at what geogaphic places?