WW2 Trivia

Which german units attacked the Maginot-Line and whats so special about them?

What size units are you looking for here, Division. Corps, Army?

I am pretty sure I can answer one part of it but I suspect that the second part is based on a particular element of the 1st Army.
Army is sufficent- i'll help a little... what did they manage to do (differing from their mission) and what did they NOT have...
Wasnt it the second army that had to attack the line as a diversion. so they would have had no armour and only limited( for appearances sake) artillery an air support.?
yes very good- and they managed to take the Maginot- line WITHOUT them things you mentioned after the invasion of Belgium.. kinda funny that they built this line in fear of germany and an army without heavy stuff managed to break it...
your turn...

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since there hasent been a post since september ill start this thing off again....

Name the Sniper who registered over 300 kills and name the award that person earned in the soviet union.And lastly, there was a song written about them, who was the singer??

Hint...they were in the soviet union of the war....
Major Lyudmila Pavlichenko 307 confirmed. Hero of the Soviet Union also awarded a scoped rifle by Winchester Model 70.

Woody Guthrie wrote the song.
so not cool...but yes thats correct, on the award part, i was looking for the medal/award... sry didnt specify well enough...but ill still give it to u:cheers:
Who were the "cockleshell heros " and what did they do ?

Jim B. Toronto.

The Cockleshell Heroes were Royal Marine Commandos. These men got their nickname as the canoes they were to use were nicknamed ‘cockles’. After months of training, they were ready to set-off for their target – except that none of them knew what their target was. This was only made known to them once the submarine HMS Tuna had surfaced off of the French coast.

Their target was the harbour in Bordeaux. They succeeded in sinking one ship and severely damaging four others and doing enough damage to greatly disrupt the use of the harbour for months to come. Such was the significance of the raid, that Winston Churchill said that it helped to shorten to World War Two by six months.

2 of the 12 commando's had to cancel the operation because of damage to their boat, of the other 10 only 2 made it back to UK alive.
britinafrica :

A great example of a "small unit action " that had a result far beyond what most people would expect from 10 men in folbots. A classic RM attack , still taught to current day RM recruits, as a part of their history ,

That brings me to this one...........How long in weeks is the RM basic training course for new recruits ?

Jim b. Toronto.