When China is King - what do you think?

If China is Most Powerful Nation on Earth, how do you feel??

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China doesn't really have a nice track record with making the world a better place.
-best regards, your neighbors.
Signed: Vietnam, Korea, India, Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Tibet.

Tibet is one of autonomic districts and Taiwan will be another one

It is self -defence that Chinese have to fight them for .Now,their relations are already normal .Chinese people always claim peace in international affairs,not like someone ,carrying M-16,scattering into Yugoslavia,Iraq,or korea .
dude u r really on the point

ppl always accuse china for doing this doing that

look at U.S, i bet U.S has more enemies then China has

U.S accuses china invading tibet, itself invades Iraq
U.S accuese China beat up prisoner, itself sexually abuse iraqs
The Chinese ran over unarmed students laying in protest in Tianamen Square in front of CNN. One can only guess what they're capable of without a camera pointed at them.
The Abu Grahib thing... I've heard of Frat pranks worse than that.

Saddam Hussein was a thorn in America's side. Now we know it wasn't an imminent danger, but Iraq was always a lingering danger.
Now what kind of danger do peace loving Buddhists of the western highlands of Tibet pose against China?

America having more enemies... well maybe. But remember China doesn't have that many friends either. Here is a short list of countries or nations that aren't big fans of China:
Korea (both in fact)

Considering China doesn't reach out a whole lot like American presence does, that's quite a formidable list of people who don't like you.
ok..so Americans are totally innnocent when gunning down veterans in BOnus March,
so Americans are totally innocent when gunning down studnets in protest agsint vietnam War
so Americans are toally innocent for abusing the iraqs,
so americans are innnocent to kill 1 million vietnaese
so americans are innocent to kill iraq and afgannistan civilians
so americans are innocent to provoke the Arabians

Many Arabians say U.S totay is just another Axis power, now i am kind of agree.....
u said Saddam is a danger for ur country, nice excuse, we can use it too,
Tibet is threat ---threat to expose our richest region to an traditional enemy of China---when Red army March near tibet around 1930s something in Long March, Tibetians killed and looted many of the soldiers
Just like Americans try to capture the oil in Iraq, we find an exucse to beat up Tibitians, Talk about the peace loving Tibetians...bloody and uncivilized, when Communist army marched there, they are still in slavery age.......wut a group of babarians.....we give them goog life (good excuse right? just like U.S says bring Iraqs democracy)

The Chinese ran over unarmed students laying in protest in Tianamen Square in front of CNN?????????????????????????????????????????

when? where??? proof???
there was a guy tries to stop the tank, but the tank never runs over him, that guy was dragged away by hisfriends,
there are never any solid proof like pictures or video to show PLA kill a civilian

if there are, show the removed proof

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