When China is King - what do you think?

If China is Most Powerful Nation on Earth, how do you feel??

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Uncle_Sam said:
If that tries to happen.....I would stick a a Nuke on me and go to the most populated part of China...The rest you can imagine....

And one day I would be cheered as a hero of the free world.

And the thing is.....I'm not kidding, and not the only one in the world thinking like that... :)
I won't let low quality rule the world. ;)

One man CAN make a difference.... :D
No one would stand the terror of what will China do. After all....When communism was good? The whole world will be in danger.
The 4th Reich is comming...Olympics in China=Olympics in Germany 1936
My opinion.... ;)
BattleCry of Freedom.....

China used to be the superpower several times in the world history. When china was in Dang or Han
dynasties, where were your ancesters then? Probably aborigines in the american continent? They were living much much lower quality than Chinese nowadays.
i don't think china will be a super power very soon, in a century or so .In most people's opinion,chinese developments and performances are remarkable in recent 20 years.Indeed,none can deny the performance chinese fulfilled .But we also realize the other side of that.although chinese GDP number is High ,its most people are sill as poor as old and have to struggle for life,especially country humans .it means chinese distribution of wealth is very unfair.Besides,there are too problems china have to face,e.g.too big population will be one of huge disadvantage in a long time . As a result of population problem ,unemployment problem ,resource problems and even rich problem can disturb chinese in further.
Frankly speaking ,it will be a fortune thing that China can "SURVIVE" in this century ,not to say "KING".
You have the remember that the United States was not a superpower once it was founded. The United States finally achieved the prestigious title right after or during the late Second World War.

On the second thought, America steadily rose to become one of the world's leading powers during the late 19th Century due to Teddy Roosevelt's military ambitions to build a Modern Navy. What I see from China is the same. A rapid transition to Modernization. Once Modernization and Globalization is complete (which in this case is in it's final stages and near completion in 2010) they would look onward towards to become a Superpower which is estimated in 40-50 years or so.

However time will tell.
i am a chinese and i am happy to see mu country becomes a super power

it has been a super power in history for many times within eastern asia and some part of centre asia(that is the farest china can reach)

when china really becomes a super power one day, i think we gonna destory japan first........
it was really a humilating war that japanese did so much damage on us and we killed so little japanese..therefore, we have to revenge and kick their butts, (what makes me so angry is that their prime minister and his many japanese buddies are openly worship the soldiers and generals who killed millions of chinese, and many japanese ,especailly the right-wing ppl, think it is right to invade china and they want to rule the world).

on a newspaper one day, a japanese guys was asked how does he think about china getting stronger, that S.O.B said china needs another cultural revolution,
well japan need another 2 nuclear bombs, we will deliver the bombs to their home when we r super power
AssKicker u need to calm down about ur comments man... Theres no need to bash another country. Lets all get along and make a world a better place.
China doesn't really have a nice track record with making the world a better place.
-best regards, your neighbors.
Signed: Vietnam, Korea, India, Russia, Taiwan, the Philippines and Tibet.
Though i'm willing to bet the US will allow Japan to have a large military eventually.... just the same, China must come through the US Navy to get to her, and then no doubt the US would aid on land.

I'm not so sure China would want to push with the US just to extract "revenge".

It would be an extremely bloody affair for both sides.
do u think keeping 1.3billion ppl alive is not making the world a better place???
image one day,
1.3billion ppl, in chaos, all carry AK-47 ,scattering into russia, north korea, tailand, tibet ,taiwan, south korea, is that making the world a better place????

china gave a lot contribution to this world in tech throughout the history and still today
"Annexation" may be a bit powerful of a word but basically a lot of headache for everyone else.
But it's not a new trend. It's more of a case of "Christ! They're back!"
en...i am still confused, anyway

for me, i think it is reasonable for china to occupy tibet
in order to protect its Sichuan region---the most rich region in china

if there is not tibet and its moutains, the only natural protection for china's most rich region is a river..
Ah sorry, I got the phrase wrong.

"Greater East Asia Co-Prosperity Sphere"

Japan wanted to free asia from western influence..... and take it for themselves.
Japan basically has no future, an island country with not much resources
and heavily rely on foregin trade

a naval blockade will kill this country in a month
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