What's your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)?

We don't have MOS, but we do have MOC (Military Occupation). Mine is 71 MARS (Sea).

MARS stands for Maritime Surface/Subsurface.
PMOS - 74D Chemical Operations Specialist (NBC)
SMOS - 52D Power Generator Equipment Repaier (Generator mechanic)
also - 13B Cannon Crewmember (artillery)

recently looked up the college credits given to your MOS and found out something strange. I am also a 92G which is a Cook. They have me listed as one during the same time frame they have me listed as an artilleryman lol. I can setup and fire a howitzer. But can only burn water...
mos or numbers

Redneck a munition spec. loads ammo. on a/c handles conventional and nukes eod don't know the mos or as a/f says let me think not mos. What ever i'm sure it's changed now I was a 53470 flight line is a or was 431 goes from ex. 53430 beginner to supervisor 7 or big time 9 level. Did I help or confuse?
:lol: Sorry, but I think it's more on the confused side right now, maybe it's just too late for this. :lol:
Thank you for the information though.
My MOS used to be 95C but it is now 31E. It is the same job just now we are deployable. I am a military police prison guard. There aren't many places I can be stationed. all but 2 are stateside. I babysit the military's finest dumbies.
Royal Netherlands Army
Service; Korps Commando Troepen...roughly translated in english; Corps Commando Troops...better known as green berets,
OK...lemme see if I can remember...

Coast Guard -- dual-rated Gunner's Mate and Fire Control Technician

Army -- retired as a 19C (Cavalry officer)
Mine was 36L(US Army) bu that has been reclassified since I left active duty. The official title was Transportable Switching Systems Operator/Maintainer. In a nutshell I was a telephone switch operator. Not a bad job, the commo shelter was air conditioned because of the electronics generating heat. That's about all I can tell about it, most of the details are classified!
Cannon Crewman-140.10
Cannon Crewman Airborne Qualified-140.17
Scout/Observer Airborne Qualified-133.17
Senior Medical Specialist-Special Forces Qualified-91B4S
11X, Infantry recruit.

Right now I've got the option which'll put me through Jump School and into an Airborne unit, but I'm trying to get it bumped up to a Ranger contract which'll put me through RIP and into the 75th Rangers.

10 months till I head to Benning.
I don't remember the exact term for it, but I'm that guy who is not allowed to even enlist voluntarily in active service until half of the US has been taken by an invading enemy force. Prolly get drafted when Washington DC is under siege. :lol: :lol: :lol:
I got 11X (Infantry), don't know why, but for some reason I just wanted to go infantry, on the ASVAB I scored real high in my artillery line score (Like 147 or something, can't remember exactly) all my army line scores were over 120, Air Force was the only branch where not all were over 100, so basically I was qualified to do pretty much whatever I wanted and that they had open and I chose to start from the bottom and work my way up.