What's your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)?

Good luck panzer.

That sounds pretty slick, Sapper, one of the guys in my Sheriff's Posse is a retired EOD man, and I believe RnderSafe has some experience in that department, too. Personally, I've always wanted to see a 500 pound cratering charge in action :lol: (although I think that's more the combat engineers' job).
I am just in a support role, and I do not deactivate explosives. I'm supposed to find and remove mines and traps, leaving them ready for the EOD officers.

Most of our work is pointed to the removal of minefields, both assaulting them or mine-to-mine, when the enemy isn't trying to smash you.
Going from USNA to the marines is hard to do because there are so few slots for the marines, and so many of the Mids want to go there. Why not got to USMA and go infantry or intelligence in the Army or you could even try a cross-branch commission into the USMC. But hey, i might be a little biased.
A 33W is a Military Intelligence Systems Maintainer/Integrator (I love the internet, makes it a lot easier to pretend I'm smart :lol: ).
thanks for the help but my family has a lot of history in the corps and i want to follow suit......i will just have to be the best in order to go into the marines after USNA..... but thanks again for the help

I joined the Army...and chose the MOS 91M ( Nutritional Care Specialist )
My original choice was to be an MP ( Military Police ) However, there were no opening until next year. I did not want to wait that long to sign up, so I decided to pick something in the medical area. *but of course, a few months after I signed on the little dotted line...an MP slot opened up! But to late fore me, I was already withing my deadline to change my MOS. ( If only it had been a week earlier ) Oh well. I am happy with my choice, and am very excited about leaving for BCT in June. I go to For Jackson...I have heard is is one of the easier places to go where as I have heard Fort Benning is the worst.
Best and worst are all dependant on what you want out of your experience. I would say that the most challenging program is the "best," personally.
But congratualtions on your enlistment, and good luck at Ft. Jackson.
Is that for Norway, Redleg? I have no clue as to whether they can or not, just curious (although it seems the civilian sector is taking their jobs away anyway, what with all the imbeds :lol: ).