What's your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)?

Actually Damien creationism is a proven fact, evoultion is a thoery made by a nutjob racist who has no evidence just bullshit. read the Origin of Species, darwin was a racist son of a *****, and many evolutionists know that it is bullshit also, they have even been quoted as saying stuff like "how foolsih these people are to believe in evolution" i forgot who said it but it was an evolutionary scientist, i can get the source for you in about a week and 1/2.

my MOS is infantry by the way, i am gonna be a Rifleman in the USMC then i am gonna try out for Force Recon.

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Not that any1 would care but i am now a lovely pen pusher (office worker)

Navy wise i was an OM(UW)1.............operator mechanic under water warfare aka sonar,radar,occasional weapons eng, gunner,fire fighter and response force.

Damn i miss the military life now :cry: