What's your MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)?

Well you got to master two of the most important things in the military (as far as I know :lol: ): chow and transport. :lol:
Can anyone guess what MOS 16P was? As you can see by my previous post I held that MOS at one point in the distant past. I'm positive that it no longer exists. C'mon give it a shot.
With all the military knowledge and creative ablilities we've got here, someone's got to be able to track this one down.
I suppose I should give you a time frame in case the job title changed from time to time, which I believe may have happened. The timeframe that I held it was circa 1974.
You're half right Redneck. It's true that a Chaparral gunner carried a 16P MOS but there was another job that carried the same 16P. That's the job I had and I never did get to see a Chaparral. Don't forget that I was in the Infantry and a Chaparral was hard to hump around ;)
:lol: No excuses, Top!

Dang that's aggravating, maybe they have the answer at the airport, I think I'm gonna go look there. :lol:
Well if I ever joined up I would want to be in the medic division. I hope to attend medical school and was even told that I can serve my residency as a military medic. Id really just like to help fellow soldiers while fighting and save them.