What's your favorite military computer game??

Medieval Total War Series
Hearts of Iron II
Hearts of Iron Doomsday
Super Power 2

They are not in order ;)
Well, I play a LOT of games. But overall, I think the absolute best "military" game I've played has to be Red Orchestra: Ostfront 41-45. Extreme realism, authentic equipment and maps, and incredibly intense and battles. They also nailed the sound design perfectly, which really contributes to the atmosphere and making you believe you're actually a Russian rushing a machinegun position over the Konigsplatz.

Aside from that, I like the first Ghost Recon, but not any of the other games in the series.

Also, Rainbow Six 3: Raven Shield is one of my favorite games, though it's more about counter-terrorism than the military. It has a huge selection of real weapons and it was the last game in the series in which the enemies are really trying to kill you and not hiding and spraying. This is probably because it was the last game in the series developed by Red Storm before the French took over development and ruined Tom Clancy's credibility to the gaming community (well, technically, it was Splinter Cell that did this first).
Call of Duty and MOHAA breakthrough.

Battlefield 1918 is cool as well. It's a mod of Bf1942 that can be downloaded for free.

Couldn't get Pacific assault to work on my computer....
Hi everyone

I have a PS2 and have 3 MOD games, 2 of the Call of Duty ones and the 1st BOA, out of that lot I liked Call of Duty. I also have a game called KillZone which I really liked but the follow up has gone onto the PS3.
I have looked at the Tom Clancy games for the PS2 but have read mixed reviews so any opinions on them from anyone who has them would be great.
I will also add Wolfenstien 3D under "Classic."

Anything new from wolfenstien? I got the ET multiplayer demo but never bought the full. I liked it alright.
I enjoy Counter-Strike (both source and the original they really are different)...

I also like Battlefield 2 and Battlefield Vietnam along with the Point of Existence Mod...

The thing with military computer games is when they make them too realistic they are no fun and when they make them to arcade like they are not fun, all the time. I like a good mix and sometimes I like the futuristic stuff...

I cant wait for Quake Wars and Team Fortress 2, the latter being a silly fun looking re-make of the original.

RTS games like Rise of Nations and Command and Conquer are fun too....
Speak for yourself Donkey, as far as I'm concerned the more realistic the game is the better it gets. I don't want to jump around and spray people with 40 machinegun rounds before they die, I want to move slow and use cover and conealment, and kill my enemy in - at the very most - 3 shots to the torso, but usually one if they don't have body armor.
I love just about any of the games....my favorites are call of duty one...im currently playin 2 on the ps2...and also playin blackhawk down on my comp. also got mercanaries and ghost recon 2 on ps2.
I miss the old sniper game on the old xbox. I guess it's good they haven't made it again as I don't waste time on it these days.
Im going to go old school and say, the games from HPS Simulations. THey are turn based hex games that cover a certain point in military history. Very good games and difficult to try.

I won't tell you FPS games but Geopolitical Strategy and Military Games.
Superpower 2, Supreme Ruler 2020, Geopoliticial Simulator, Hearts of Iron, Civilization IV