What's your favorite military computer game??

same here and stalker and battlefiel 2142 but Mike i'd suggest you look into Miaclan.net great gaming community with lots of vets if you like playing alot say beerboy reccomended you lol

hahah yeah i'm playing stalker to now, and i used to play 2142 like crazy. i'll check out that website Mr.Brown ;)

do any of you play project reality? its a MOD for BF2.
I love Shooting games and strategic games most.

Recently iam playing FIFA-09 and God of War in my PSP. You guys better try God of War, iam sure you gonna like it.!!

I am a HUGE Metal Gear Solid fan.


Rattler, the AARs you got look interesting.
We actually had a "scenario" game run by one of ours who joined the Army later, Spartacus (I think it was him anyway) but we discontinued it because we feared that we may inadvertently give away things in violation of OPSEC.
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