What's your favorite military computer game??


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For the realism: "Operation Flashpoint".
Realistic weapons effects and gameplay, and you climb your way from a private to a company commander.

For the fun: "Battlefield 1942, Desert Combat mod.."
Playing against 64 other human players, with MLRS and M109 is good stuff for a redleg like me! 8)

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"War is hell" (A hell lot of fun.... :m16: )
Hm, I need some artillery smilies....
Hmm, to be honest I really like the old turn based stradegy games like Civ II and the internet downloadable "Wacht em Rhine", which lets you play as either Allies or German in a turned based battle scenario in The Ardeness offensive.

Flashpoint was kinda hard to control the one time i played it, but seemed accuarte as far as military went. I do very much like the new Delta Force: Black Hawk Down game though.
Most liked military game?

well, for absolute realism... It was Red Storm Rising. i admit, it had hokey graphics..and it made you do the sonar operator, commander, and tactician jobs of a submarine...but boy life could get interesting when that torpedo came out of no where and the counter measures dont work and .... :D
Wolfensten: Enemy Territory becuase it is free and has quite a bit to offer for a free game. I also used to have fun playing Diplomacy and Panzer General is a classic.
Wolfenstein is ok but i prefer Medal of Honor and most allies vs Axis on Gamespy, Vietnam is pretty good, and Call of Duty is excellant
I love the Medal of Honour games for PS2 - I know its not computer - but close enough. I bought it quite a while after it came out and am still amazed at the graphics, especially at the opening scene - storming the beach at Normandy. At a quick glance, you can't tell it isn't Saving Private Ryan.

I am waiting until I finish this to get MOH: Rising Sun.

I also like SOCOM for PS2, mostly for the awesomely realistic control - in my opinion. And the headset is cool.

My all time favorit is Close Combat II: A bridge too far.
I also like Rainbow Six, Ghost Recon, IAF(FS).
I dunno whether to say America's Army or Medal of Honor or Call of Duty or C&C: Generals. I couldn't order them if my life depended on it.
- Operation Flash Point, cant wait for the new one to come out.
- Call Of Duty
- Blitzkrieg

theres a bunch of new games coming out soon, that are military games, that will be great when they are released (hopefully). One I am especially looking forward to is a game called Joint Operations, it just looks sweet as hell.
Probably Armored Fist II..but I can't get it to work on XP.

Also like Panzer General II, Sierra's Civil War, and the Battleground Waterloo and Napoleon in Russia games... :rambo: