What's your favorite military computer game??

1:Empires:Dawn of the Modern World


3:Age of Empires 1and2

Risk and Age of Empires may be old-school but they still rock!!! :rambo:
Far Cry has the absolute best graphic ever seen :firedevi: !!
The C&C series is also great.

Greetz Joker
Old ones:
Sid Meier's Gettysburg!
Sid Meier's Antietam!

Both were excellent strategy games with great graphics for the time.
Really made you look at Civil War battles differently.

New ones:

MOHAA - I am also really looking forward to Pacific Assault
America's Army
BF1942 - Not real into this one but is cool with the DC mod

I just couldn't get myself into the CoD game - I wound up deleting it from my computer and giving the CD to a friend.
silent driller said:
And I'm thinking about getting Yuri's Revenge.

A tip would be not getting it, considering it's a very crappy add on.

Red Alert II is one I agree with for fun. Probably the best however would be Red Faction. Geo-mod beats all.
My favorite is battlefield 1942. the DC mod makes it even greater.
Command and conquer generals has to get a mention though.
Operation Flashpoint is by far... one of if not the best military first person shooters to date.

Although the graphics are lagging slightly by current standards (remedy is coming in the form of OFP2), it has the most modifications, most customization, and most realistic situations.

For those of you who haven't played it, Operation Flashpoint allows you to occupy positions in dozens of vehicles, play on maps that will literally take you an hour or two to cross on foot, utilize various weapons, and take part in coordinated operations that go far beyond 'take the flag'.

And that is simply in it's unedited form! There are HUNDREDS of aircraft and vehicles custom made for the game, as well as new maps and entire themed packs such as WWII, Vietnam, Golan Heights, or desert combat. The game also includes the ability to create your own missions in depth and organized detail.

What other game allows you to take your squad of three men to the edge of a road to mine it, duck away while an enemy patrol comes along, watch the enemy convoy explode then call in choppers to medivac wounded or strike targets you specify. All the while knowing that enemy reenforcements are on the way and that you need to make it to an LZ ASAP. Of course, if the door gunner of the Blackhawk is killed, you can grab his 60 and let the enemy have it.

No other game that I have ever played ever offered so much. And unlimited replayability.
Favourite wargames are in no particular order:

MoH: Allied Assault
Call of Duty
Panzer General series
Fire brigade: the Battle for Kiev 1943
Total War series
NATO Commander
Eastern Front
Call of Duty, it's one of the best games I've ever played. It's almost like playing a movie.

I also like those Three Kingdom games (Chinese). I've read lots of books on that period of China and the games are quite addictive too.

Operation Flashpoint-the game is despite it's deficiencies a pure bliss, it's IMO in a class of it's own.
Unreal Tournament 2004 modded with RedOrchestra
C&C:Zero Hour


Desert Combat
BF Vietnam
Day of Defeat
Quake III
Unreal Tournament
Warcraft II & III
Caesar III-another one for the class of it's own
Stronghold & Crusader
Total War series