What's your favorite military computer game??

bf1942 is my most favorite game of all...i dont really like the MOH games because of their graphics...but for realism i like Americas Army cause its pretty realistic...but right now i love Bf1942 Desertcombat Mod!!!!!
These are the best shooters ever.....and i mean EVER!

1. Halo
2. Battlefield 1942 ( Desert Combat )
3. Americas Army
4. Operation Flashpoint, i have only played the DEMO and i LOVE it, go to download.com to find the single player demo.
5. Medal Of Honor ( Cant wait for Pacific Assault ! )
I love Halo, it has a story and its fun. Battlefield 1942, people think its unrealistic because you can get in anything you want. But hey, at least you have all the things that are involved ina battle. Tanks, jeeps, men, planes, artillery, flak, mounted stuff. blah blah...

1 Hearts of Iron (of course)
2 Europa Universalis I & II
3 Battlefield 1942
4 Victoria: an empire under the sun
5 Battlefield Vietnam

1. Counter Strike: Is kind of kill 'em all like, but it is pretty realistic, and it can be a very good team based game, centered around terrorists against counter terrorists.
2. Americas Army: A very good game if you are into being sneaky and tactical. Extremely realistis.
3. Journey for te Atari: This game is just hilarious...it plays journey songs while the game is going.
4. Full Spectrum Warrior: A strategy game mixed with real time war tactics....just great.
I really liked the Delta Force: Black Hawk Down game,.
Another one, not quite military though, is Freedom Fighters. there's just something relaxing about killing commies. With molotov cocktails. :rambo: