Seals vs. Marines

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18A is the MOS of an A team leader (an O3) in the Green Berets.
18F is the MOS of the intelligence NCO on an A team (the 18 man teams that Green Berets operate in).
I don't know if there is any real equivalent MOS in the USMC.
Jarhead when were you with NSCT? Who were you with prior? Depending on time, we may know each other.

A seal is better trainned and well equiped to take out any large army or terrorist group. They will defend the U.S. under any circumstances. They will do the best of their ability to defend the U.S. and survive.

The Marines are not a bunch of girls. They fight for what they believe in no matter how great the odds may be. They are like a special force by just being a corp. When it comes to fighting a war the marines are the first there.

The marines fought the Veitname war day in and day out. They pushed there limits of mental and emotional capacity. They fought long and hard to defend us. I'm still mad that when they came home they were not greated properlly. Now a days they are remembered, but it was to little to late.
A recon marine

A recon marine in a hand to hand combat situation would win against a seal. They are stronger, more skilled in the art, and have used it longer. There is no way they can lose. They are skilled with a knive. They can cut five people while being shot at. These guys are no joke. If it comes down to killing recon are the best.
Who's the best? If you ask someone that has been there and done that, they'll tell you we're all the best. Marines vs. SEALs .. apples and oranges. Recon Marines vs. SEALs .. different jobs. Yes, jobs do overlap sometimes, because not everyone can be everywhere at once. It's best not to cheerlead and assume unless you've walked the walk.
Do you write fortune cookies, MrmarineJ? You seem to have a knack for coming to some pretty interesting conclusions and stating them as fact in little blurbs. :lol:

And for the record, I'm the best. At everything. :lol:
No you're not.. :D

I eat small :cowb: for breakfast.. 8)

And to the discussion of who's best, and who will win in a hand to hand combat...
That's an impossible question to answer (and a quite silly thing to try to answer too...)
Ok so can people ignore MrMarine's SEAL ranting long enough to answer my original question?
What on earth is Delta Force for and would they be considered to be more elite than SEALs and the Green Berets?

And Guy on the Right and Redneck I don't care where they came from just what they do and where they are on the scale.
I beg your pardon, I thought we had answered your question:

Delta is the elite of the Green Berets, Delta guys usually only do one tour as such and then return to the ranks of the Green Berets. I think that this makes them more elite than the SEALS and Green Berets, but again this opens up the question of what it means to be elite and the problem of comparing diverse groups again, so I'm just going to leave it as my opinion.

Like I said, this is my opinion, and although I believe it is justified, I'm sure someone will disagree with me, but there's your answer.
And there's no need to get snippy, mate. :wink:
The 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment Delta (SFOD-D), or Delta Force, is a unit tasked with counter-terrorist(ism) operations outside of the US. Delta (also referred to as Combat Applications Group) is reported to train extensively in CQB (Close Quarters Battle), including airplane, bus and train scenarios. They recruit from all branches of the US Army. Passing the Q course (SFQC) is a requirement so they are SF qual'd. In terms of being "more elite" there's no answer, each SOF unit is formed for specific tasks in mind, sometimes they overlap - but essentially they have different jobs.

Calling an SF soldier a "green beret" is typically considered offensive.
So in essence Delta Force is like tom Clancy's Rainbow Six group right? They are specialized counterterrorism unit. The FBI Hostage Rescue team I know is considered Special Forces so how do they compare assignment wise and training wise to Delta Force?
Yes, they specialise in counter-terrosism operations. No, they are nothing like Tom Clancy anything. The FBI HRT is not "Special Forces." The only "Special Forces" within the United States is the US Army Special Forces.
The FBI HRT trains in CT and HR and are a full time team, which makes them more specialised than the FBI's SWAT teams - but are capable of performing your average SWAT duties as well, obviously. They often train with the military and other federal and sometimes local civilian tactical teams. Their selection process is about two weeks, training after is about 4 months and one has to have been a special agent with the FBI for 3 years before even applying. (I'm about 95% sure that's correct, but you can always check on the FBI website to make sure) When not deployed (CONUS) they train full-time. So, you can tell right away the initial selection and initial training time is much shorter than that of military SOF units. A lot of things are different, these guys are federal law enforcement, not military .. so there are going to be different SOPs and a different mindset. I've trained and worked with them a few times, and they are very good, but it's really hard to compare a law enforcement agency to a military unit.
Read Black Hawk Down, the book by Mark Bowden on which the movie was primarily based. It will tell you a lot about SFs and especially Delta. Darn good book too.
Black Hawk Down is a good book, but it's not the most reliable source for specific information. It was written as an account of an event, not really anything more. The book is well written and did more justice to the Mog guys than any other book written, blew Hackworth's feeble attempt out of the water, but obviously, it left out some things that just couldn't be put in. And it must be remembered, Bowden worked with what he had on all levels. Which in the case of SFOD-D, was one, and only one, ex operator - so, much of that information was not always completely accurate nor representative.
compared to the Army the Marine Corp is much smaller branch of military but the marines are fierce and i mean fierce fighters,

SEALS, compared to Marines, Much easier to get in the Marines because training is not as nearly as tough as the SEALs training.. for the SEALs think about 7 months of pure HELL i gues you can almost say the same for the Marines

overall you cant compare the two branches of military, because they are totally different branches all together

Yes, but don't they both fight. Don't they risk their lives. the trainning might be different but in actuallity. They all have the same job. That's to protect the United States. Each one has a thing or two that they are good at.
Like I said before, each unit has distinct missions, and operating styles. They are apples and oranges. Both may be fruit but they are completely different from each other. SEALs are badass, Recon Marines are badass, and SF guys are badass, they each have a different mission, but are all working towards the same goal.
My brother was a Seal ( team 3 ) in Coronado. He told me that Delta Force was a project that failed. I'm not an expert on the military or anything, but I think some of you are incorrect in your claim that Seals only work in water areas. I know my brother received desert, snow, and jungle training. Also, he stated all Special Forces do basically the same kind of work. But he did emphasize that Seal training is the most difficult and intense anywhere. 60-70% either drop out or are kicked out. How many of you know about Seal Team Six? After hearing the stories my brother told me, I can state with absolute assurance that the Seals are the badest of the badest! They're the ultimate warriors. The deadliest men on planet earth. Trust me. :wink:
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