Seals vs. Marines

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Thats not true either.

Navy SEALS are trained in both tactics and physical strength. I would wager anything an average SEAL would beat an average Marine one on one.
id love to get on this conversation
i have litttle to no room to talk on this issue but allow me to tell you my experiences with both SEALS and RECON

I have been stationed with both SEALs and RECON.

Jarhead gave you the textbook way of the Marine side and what happens within our band of brotherhood.

The SEALs are kickass ppl that i am honored to have served with. These barrel chested guys are trained in almost anything you can think of and can practically do anything THEY can think of. In my experience i have seen SEALs dissapear for days on end during OIF and during OEF for days on end and only to come back to recievee no recognition for their missions. They arent concerned for the "HEY IM BETTER THAN YOU" because they work as hand in hand with RECON and the rest of the services.
Recon on the other hand work in "BLACK" ops that no one knows what they are doing and in in less of a spotlight when it comes down to it. I think this has to do with most of the "Hollywoodization" of the military..

Cmon who really thinks we have a chick that looks like Catherine Bell in the MC.

But i digress.. No one really knows what RECON is capable of. You tell em i need this and get it done. They have no limits IMO not to say they are BETTER than any other service but they are like a JACKOFALLTRADES of the military. Why would you want to send a cook out to diffuse a bomb.

send a force to do the mission capable of its entirety.

RECON to get the info
SEALS to establish the area
Marines to porvide the presence
ARMY to occupy and
NAVY to have our a#%s form the sea with Support
AIR FORCE for the air..
with a combo like that .. do you really think we can loose a war if we work as a team rather than say .. "hey we are better than you"

DURING IRAQ we supported each other from our British counterpart to the army blackcats which i met over in OIF.

it should read SEAL VS RECON

chaotic sends
What are the Army Blackcats? I've never heard of that group. So saying the Army is good for occupying a country(not to offend anyone) isn't that like saying the Army is best for sitting around and doing police work?
i dont know what the army is good for.. not trying to offend anyone here, but the army personel there all they told me is that what they do .. so i just go by what army perso tell me ..

Army blackcats i dont know what they do, but they stopped in TARAWA and requested some minor support from the Marines. In the few conversation i had with them they told me that they are just here to occupy when the marines take off and complete the mission of securing the area after the OIF.
i wasnt on the TF tarawa but one of the embarkers i know was.. and the RCTs that were named "tarawa-1" and i believe"tarawa-2"
neither i was in the camp named Tarawa in coyote...

i just realized how many things were named tarawa on in OIF... the ship was our there.. uss tarawa.. the rcts were name . operations and missions and as well as camps..

i should of been more precise.
The Army covers pretty much everything (not to say anything against the other branches, and I agree with Chaotic that we're unstoppable when we work together). Due to the larger size and more diverse makeup (i.e. more branches) of the Army, we are better suited to act as an occupying force than the Marines (who I would actually liken to our Cav units, I believe their missions are the same) because of our greater logistic capabilities.
I was a scout observer with 4th Marines in Desert Storm....if you want to discuss difficult training, and Ive spoken with SAS guys, SBS, BRM, but the most intense guys in my opinion based on the life-long commitment they have to make were the French For. Leg. guys. Dispute that if you want....but you better back it up.
seals are better

Seals are better in the way they train. Pardon my french, but seals do the things marines wouldn't dare to do. their trainning is more complex as my theory can tell.

Marine expeditionary units do have guts. But seals are trainned in the best anti-terrorism facilities. They are experts in combat diving and will not stop fighting until the objective is complete. They are usually the ones to scope out an area for the marines.

a recon marine is always willing to fight no matter what the ods are. During Name' they were called night stalkers. The veitcong were scared out of their pants. They took out enemy strong holds and gained intel on head officer where abouts. The destroyed any underground tunnels found. 4 of my great uncles fought in Name' as Recon Marines!

The gunny did all the work. He was better than an officer at certain times of combat. He was in charge of the unit. A gunny was a real deal combat killing machine.

Seals are smarter in the way that you have to have a college degree. If you graduate from the academy you would have a better chance making it to a team.of
In reference to the comment about a SEAL vs. a Marine in a fight. I disagree, not just because I'm a Marine but if you take into account pound for pound, I think it's a 50/50 chance for either of them to beat the other. SEALs are trained with specific weapons and specific tasks and doping them while undetected. They are trained to get in and out and if encountered escape with their lives and to take lives if necessary. They will not go in as an aggressor in most cases. Back to my original response, pound for pound it's a wash and either could walk away the victor because fights are never scripted and even the best fighter in the world can be beat by the underdog, with niether the Marines or SEALs designated as the underdog. Again it's case by case, I would bet on that fight like I would a football bet. I'm a Marine and I would never want to fight a SEAL, not because I'm afraid but because we're on the same team. I'm not implying that's what the Ranger wanted, was Marines and SEALs fighting, because I've worked with a Ranger, Maj Rollings and that was one of the most motivated hard woking Army dogs I have ever met. He was definately Marine, SEAL, Ranger material. That's just a response to that, one more point to stress on the whole topic of SF vs. Marine Corps.

Just the fact that this discussion takes place should be enough for the Marine Corps to be considered a SF element. Not to mention the fact that when the Marines are considered it is usually in terms of, "should we send them in to initiate contact with the enemy and push inland 300 miles parallel to the Army to secure key cities and key LOC's," or should we, "send them in to extract personnel from an embassy about to be over run," or "should we have them floating near the next contingency because we can and the Marines will be able to secure key items for follow on forces." Now those are things that Marines on a whole do, on basic training (costs tax payers less), now SEALs go through specific training to do the same things (costs tax payers a hell of a lot more), but of course SEALs do a lot more clandestine operations that requires less of a presence, which is why we have them. They are very needed and I wouldn't trade the SEALs for as many more Marines. The Marines are effective because the SEALs take care of their business. I think I've said enough for you all to respond. Thanks for the ear and hopefully your responses.

Semper Fi
Ok so SEALs are maritime versions of the Green Berets. What on earth is Delta Force for and would they be considered to be more elite than SEALs and the Green Berets?
Delta is the elite of the Green Berets, Delta guys usually only do one tour as such and then return to the ranks of the Green Berets. I think that this makes them more elite than the SEALS and Green Berets, but again this opens up the question of what it means to be elite and the problem of comparing diverse groups again, so I'm just going to leave it as my opinion.
Delta has different specilizations then SEALs, as do the USMC then SEALs. Delta is our elite counter-terrorism unit that specilizes in "snatch and grab" ops. And Reckneck, Delta members are not just "elite green berets". In fact most Delta members are recruited from either the 75th Ranger RGT or the 101st or 82nd Airbornes.
Wrong answer. Not sure where you're getting your info there GuyontheRight, but somebody snookered you.
Like I said before, I have it straight from the mouths of an 18A and an 18F who gave us an SF briefing a couple months ago, and they said that Delta is drawn from the Green Berets as a whole but is still Army SF, therefore Green Berets. And the Green Berets draw from all branches and backgrounds, the Captain said that one of the other 18As he knew was an interior design major in college and started out in the Signal Corps.
i just got lost..

too many moving parts

we were talking about seals vs marines and now we are talking the ranger thing...

for me just point to where i am supposed to shoot.

whats an 18A and 18F
MOS equivalent to the MC?
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