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Ok so I'm no guru but what is the difference in purpose and training between a Navy Seal and a Marine? Which is considered more elite? What is the difference between the types of operations they will be deployed to? thanks.
Well I'm no expert about either but I can tell you this much.

The Marines are a whole branch of military. They are a basic ground fighting force, the infantry.

Navy SEALS are special forces of the Navy. They are elite, and go through extensive special training. This is a really cool site you can learn about them from.
The difference? It costs 1 million of the taxpayers money for each seal :D

No but seriously, SEALs are much more specialized then the marines, there are only a few thousand of 'em. And as Ranger said, Marines are a whole Branch, I mean, it depends on what kind of marine unit your talking about. You got you MEUs and your Force Recons, your armored units and field artillery.

I dont know mucj about USA special forces, but i think its ccloser to a few houndred Seals....about a bettalion...any ways, Marines are like Army infantry that started out as snipers and ship boarders in the navy and became seaborn infantry...They are considers better the regular grunts, but definetly not Special Forces...I think the seals are more like the British Commando?again, im not sure. Israel dosent have marines....We have tankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstankstanks!!!!
Ok so the SEALs are maritime counterparts to the Green Berets. So then what differs them from the green berets if the SEALs are Sea, Air and Land trained elite fighters? Whats left for the Green Berets to do?
Actually it's closer to 2000 I think.

Ok but I was thinking they are both trained to do amphibious landings and hold ground on the shores until the troops can arrive. Am I wrong?

SEALs work in very small teams, and can have a number of SOF mission profiles, so yes I suppose so. Although in todays military the USMC is more of a land based, elite, large unit fighting force. I dont know how many of youknow much about Roman Legions, but the Romans often had specialized "elite" legions if you will. Call the marines that.
Why don't you just ask Jarhead or one of the other Marine members? I'm sure he could give some solid information.
diplomatic_means said:
Ok so the SEALs are maritime counterparts to the Green Berets. So then what differs them from the green berets if the SEALs are Sea, Air and Land trained elite fighters? Whats left for the Green Berets to do?

The Green Berets operate in 18 man A-teams and are often the only American boots on the ground in a foreign country. One of their main missions is to act as a force multiplier, wherein they train indigenous forces to fight for/with the United States.
Another big difference between the Green Berets and the SEALs is where they operate. The whole Navy thing probably tipped you off, but the SEALs work mostly in coastal and riverine areas (usually in 30 man teams), while the Green Berets can operate further inland.
These two forces are not mutually exclusive however, their missions can and do overlap.

(And the Marines, whatever they may tell you :lol: , are not elite. Their Force Recon is comparable to our Rangers. But like I said before, we have several Marine members, and I'm sure they could give you a hand if you had any other questions about the USMC.)
Also, SEALs tend to work more Direct Action then your Green Berets. I think you could make more of a comparison beetween SEALs and Delta Force then SEALs and Gren Berets.

And Redneck, I guess it depends on your deffinition of "elite", but I do and have heard others who belive the marines are "elite". I guess what i was trying to say is that they can do more then your avarage infantry, call them the Navy's version of the Airborne.
Sorry, but that is an incorrect comparison, they're maritime infantry, the Navy's version of the Army's infantry :wink: .
Ok then, what exactly does the Delta Force do or is that confidential? I just kind of noticed its rare to never that you hear them mentioned as involved in anything. Oh and if someone goes into military just so they can get the GI bill with no intention of a military career then why do we have the Army? Its clear in my mind the the Marines are a better fighting force than the Army. I bet that a Marine division would whoop an Army division. Why would Patton spend so much time kicking his officers and troops butts if he could have commanded a bunch of Marines and tried to out do Chesty Puller as the bigger legend? Anyone getting what I'm saying?
Sorry, but that is an incorrect comparison, they're maritime infantry, the Navy's version of the Army's infantry

Of course, but the comparison is only that each style of units operates more specialized then the norm. They have no equivalents, Im just saying that in my view they are elite because they do things regular Army units cannot do, as does the Airborne.

The Marines are a good Core. I think they might be better rifelman then most GIs. The US Army has good Infantry(not to mention Airborn and Raingers which are exellent). Delta force is the best special forces team in the world. they are ment for a veraiety of SF missions. SEALS are not infantry. they are special forces. Each of these have their place on the field.this ARMYvsNAVYvsMARINES bikering and nud throwing thing is silly. YOUR ALL ON THE SAME SIDE!!!EACH BRANCH SHOIULD BE HAPPY TO HAVE SUCH FINE BRANCHES AROUND IT.THEY ARE ALL GOOD FIGHTERS<GOOD AMERICANS AND GOOD MAN!
The government does not even officially acknowledge the existence of Delta Force, which is why you never hear anything about them. Remember Black Hawk Down? Task Force Ranger was part Delta Force. Thats the kind of stuff they do.

I do not agree that marines are better than Army infantry. Furthermore, I wouldn't consider Marine's "elite". Marines are infantry which help make up the backbone of the fighting force. If Marines are considered elite the term is much much too broad. That is not to say Marines aren't good soldiers.
I never said

i did not say they are Elit. they have strong point over army infantry and im sure the army infantry has strong points over them...all this dosent matter...because the best fighting structure in the world is an Israeli Armored Division.Just kidding, dont comment caus its clearly :eek:fftopic:
Chuckle Lots of Different Thoughts on this one allow me to answer the best that I can.

First the Difference between the Seal and the Marines most of your are right in saying that the Seals are the Navy's SF but then you also have to remember that General Gray CMC answered the army like this when asked if Marine Recon would be Part of SOCOM "The Marine Corps as a whole is a special Force" now believe it or not it some ways its is true the Marines do specialize thier training to fit missions that the army would have a hard time doing with its conventional forces here is a list of Missions that a baic SOC qualled MEU has been tested and evaluated on

Marine Expeditionary Units are capable of executing missions with 6 hours of notice. The versatility and rapid response of a MEU make it the choice of the Unified Commanders for contingency operations arising within their Areas Of Responsibility (AOR). Each MEU earns qualification as Special Operations Capable (SOC) prior to its 6-month sea deployment. Each MEU trains for the "3-block war," that is contingencies arising across the conflict spectrum. From humanitarian assistance to full-scale warfare, MEUs are trained and prepared for the missions that may arise in the world's "hot spots." Listed below are the missions of a MEU and the spectrum of conflict in which a MEU is trained and has proven capable to operate

Operations Other Than War
Peace Operations
Peace Enforcement
Joint/Combined/Instruction Team
Humanitarian Assistance/Disaster Relief
Security Operations
Noncombatant Evacuation Operations
Reinforcement Operations
Amphibious Operations
Amphibious Demonstration
Amphibious Raid
Amphibious Assault
Amphibious Withdrawal
Supporting Operations
Tactical Deception Operations
Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR)
Military Operations in Urban Terrain
Reconnaissance and Surveillance
Fire Support Planning, Coordination, Control in a Joint/Combined Environment
Counter Intelligence
Airfield/Port Seizure
Show of Force Operations
Expeditionary Airfield Operations
Terminal Guidance Operations
Joint Task Force Enabling Operations
Sniping Operations
Direct Action
In-Extremis Hostage Recovery
Seizure/Recovery of Offshore Energy Facilities
Specialized Demolition Operations
Tactical Recovery of Aircraft and Personnel
Seizure/Recovery of Selected Personnel or Material
Counter Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction
Visit, Board, Search and Seizure of Vessels
Provide Command, Control, Communications, and Computers (C4)
Limited Expeditionary Airfield Operations
Enhanced Urban Operations
Enabling Operations
Employ Non-lethal Weapons
Information Operations
Rapid Response Planning Process (R2P2)

The training difference is easy the Seals are trained in guerilla and small unit tactics. Maries are taught squad and fire team tactics more often or not the term "movement to contact" comes into play here Seals like to be quiet and unseen if they can be. The Marines Have Recon to do basically a similiar job as the Seals Training is differ because its the Navy's way to train seals and the Marine way for Marines.

Now here is the easiest way to compare the 2 The Marine Corps as a whole can be considered your modern day Invasion force we secure a beachhead for the follow on forces (IE the Army) but in recent years our ability as a war fighting unit to rapidly deploy anywhere in the world on such a large scale has made us the first responders for problems arising world wide. I am not knocking the Army but they are big heavy and slow when it comes to getting someplace once they are the ground and moving they are wonderfull assest for a Ground commander.

Now the Army is seen largely as an Occupying force which is why they are now in Iraq for example playing UN police.

Another Huge difference is the fact that the Marine Corps Carries all its on Basic warfare elements with it we are the total package so to say

all of it is rolled up nice and neat in a package that is used to working together.

The SF thing the Marines have finally stepped into the Realm of SOCOM with Mar Det 1 though there is still a lot to be figured out for one Marines do not like to be commanded by anyone other then Marines and for two the giving up of trained men and equipment for them to be used as they see fit by another branch is not something that sits well in the day and age of budget and manning cuts.

I hope I have cleared some of this up

They whole elite thing I think comes from the fact that Seals are part of SOCOM and the Marines are Well Marines thats they only title we will ever need!!!

i dont know that much of the military and all since im only 14 but all ive seen about the SEALS n all seems to be that they are more elite force. There training is hell of a hard, and you have to LOVE the water :lol:
Great post Jarhead!

I agree that the Marine Corps as a whole is a special force, because of all the things you have listed in your post..

But they are not Special Forces... (If you know what I mean.)
Some elements of the Marine Corps can be called Special Forces, but I think it would be wrong to call the whole Corps Special Forces.
(in the way most of us sees the words "Special Forces"..)

And I see that you have not listed Winter Warfare on your list..
I have been on several exercises in Norway with Marines, and most of them (you) are real "special" when it comes to skiing and cold weather.. :wink:
(no offense ment...)
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