Russia vs China

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I am bringing this topic back from the dead because of some recent news. Read this news article and let me know what you think.

China, Russia pledge further development of strategic partnership

MOSCOW, Sept. 24 (Xinhuanet) -- Leaders of China and Russia vowed on Friday to boost the development of strategic partnership of cooperation, particularly in the economic and trade sector.

Meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, visiting Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao pledged that China will continue to handle relationship with Russia from the strategic and long-term perspective, stressing that China regards Russia as an important strategic partner...
Snauhi said:
yeah but i want to disscuss a "fantasy" conflict with Russia.

But the truth is China can easily conqure/occupy Russia Far East like Mongols have conqured WHOLE rusia before.

Rusia is a sick beer everyone knows, it may hurt your feeling but world people treat you so, face it.
Of course, at the moment, war with Russia wouldn't make sense since China is not yet fully independently making their own military equipment. The probability of attacking your number 1 supplier for fighter engines, tanks and other such things ... well its not likely.

I very much doubt that Russia would have any hope of winning such a war, but I think their enormous Cold-War buildup of weapons would help a great deal in the initial phases. Once they run out of all that, they're doomed. China can currently outproduce any nation other than the US and Japan. Russia's a good ways down the list for output these days. The former Soviet Union vs China would have been a MUCH more interesting fight.
Let's talk about near future :D

In less than 10 years, China will overun rusia, as easy as Mongols overun and ruled rusia for 200 years :lol:

China is now the 3th largest car producer, next year China will overtake Japan (just reported on CNN), just behind USA, and again after some years, be the #1.

Rusia is a dead bear, we are patient to deal with rusia question.
Right, but what I'm saying is that if it happened tomorrow ... Russia would probably put of a decent showing at first -- that is to say that they wouldn't lose ground quite as fast at the beginning. I don't think that Russia would ever have the iniative or the momentum in such a conflict. The best they'd be able to manage would be to inflict maximum casualties whilst they are soundly driven back farther and farther.
Yes I agree with you.

Just put another point here:
East Asians have huge mental superiority against Rusians, Russia is the first European country completely conqured by Asians and ruled for 200 years, no one treats rusians seriously although the USSR was strong but USSR was dead. Mongols conqured Russia completely, Japan was planning to conquer Russia before WW2, now next, Chinese are coming again.
I think Japan changed its mind to conquer Russia. If japan was not in war in China, japan could easily occupy Rusia.

When rusian spy got the secret that japan had no intention to conquer russia, russia pulled out most of its troops to West against germans.

Suppose Japan first attacked russia, with germans on the west front, russia would be conqured easily, and WW2 would lead to another totally unknown direction.

In 1900 or 1904 japan navy completely crashed russia navy.
Well, there was a lot more to it all. Found this whilst kicking around online:

There was a secret non-Agression treaty between the Soviet Union and Japan. Its only logical since the Soviet Union and Japan both had it in their best interests to not have to worry about one another. There was significant backstabbing on all sides and it was quite a bloody mess.
Let's not forget that although the Soviet Union is gone, and the Russian Federation is nowhere near the strength of the USSR, they still have a nuclear stockpile, and I believe that if China attacked and were making serious gains, Moscow may think they had nothing to lose lobbing some ICBMs into the mix.
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If Russia was attacked by China and it was losing ground, I would imagine it would look back at europe and america and shout "ALLIES ASSEMBLE!"

Then China get pushed back to border. Dumb war, no point!

Russia and China will probably never have a war. :cheers:
Chocobo_Blitzer said:
If Russia was attacked by China and it was losing ground, I would imagine it would look back at europe and america and shout "ALLIES ASSEMBLE!"

Then China get pushed back to border. Dumb war, no point!

Russia and China will probably never have a war. :cheers:


I'm sure Russia is capable of handling itself.

I aggree with Saint. The media always portrait what is benefit to them. And sometimes governemnt just don't share exeact information they are recieving. Never unde estimate the Russians. Their SOF is not shaby at all.

If war broke out between Russia and China, I can't really tell who can win in the end. Both countries have good defensive strategies, but Russia air force has upper hand. Air force can only go so far. and rest have to be fought by foot soldiers. In land war, both can do some damages to each other.Of course both coutries people will fight with heart and will if either one attacked by the opposite. Lot of death, civilians and military I can say.
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