Israel is at war

This is not a generalization : a generalization would be ALL Muslims ,which I did not say :I said :Muslims over the whole world .
Can you tell me how many Muslims are living on other planets, moons, asteroids or otherwise habitable locations not on Earth currently?
If the answer is none then you did say all Muslims, playing with semantics does not change anything.
There are concerns that the conflict between Israel and Hamas could escalate into a wider war involving the United States and other Middle Eastern nations. To prevent such a scenario, a diplomatic and multi-faceted approach is required. In my opinion, if the US and its allies want to maintain dominance in the Middle East, Europe, or Asia Pacific, they should focus on containing Iran, Russia, and China rather than its proxies like Hamas, Hizbollah, Taliban, Daesh, or Houthis. The goal should be to defeat the enemies without direct combat by removing their will and ability to fight. Unfortunately, this isn't happening, and instead, the US and its allies are provoking more nations to rise against them, leading to a pointless war that forces the vulnerable to fight and die. For instance, while it's essential to protect international trade by ensuring freedom of navigation in the Red Sea, we must also respect the sovereignty of other nations and work towards preventing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Diplomatic efforts and open communication channels must be encouraged between all parties and the international community to address regional issues collectively. Conflict resolution mechanisms that address the root causes of regional tensions and conflicts must also be promoted. The issue is that the leader of the free world may be suffering from dementia. I can't wait for November 5, 2024, to come!
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