Israel is at war

1- It is quite impressive how Hamas was able to launch a surprise attack like this. The use of para gliders to deploy Hamas fighters into Israel was a new addition.

2- The Israelis have an eye for an eye approach to things. Will they annihilate the Gaza strip now and force all the Palestinians to flee to Egypt?
1- yes, its impressive, at the price of Iranian peoples lives.

2- Thats how they've managed to survive! something that foreigners seem have forgotten. I really hope they annihilate the entire terrorists before they can spread across the world.
1- In all honesty I am struggling to find interest in this war as I can't help but think both parties are as bad as each other.

2- It is impossible to support the actions of Hamas in attacking civilians yet Israel's response is leading to the deaths of thousands of Palestinian civilians and they know it and don't care either.

3- Essentially it is like watching two feral cats fight.
1- No, they're not the same! one is killing people in the name of religion, in 21st century! the other is is just defending its territory.

2- surely a real "Human" wont support their actions! but which one has killed more civilians? the jews or the muslims? all "god worshippers" togheter (add christians to the jews and muslims) or those who dont believe in these nonsense bullshits? just within a month after 1979 , the islamists have killed over 150000 people, including 35000 ex-Armed forces personnel.

every action, has a reaction, same size, in opposite direction.

I support their (israelis) way.

3- more likely a modernised version of gladiators!!! to please so called "world elites".
Like Northern Ireland, this in the Middle East will never end, the hatred runs too deep. There will always be some arsehole or organisation to stir up sh!te
Thats right! but things will change soon! as the original land owners are gaining power. soon we will clean this land from invaders and their symbols.
1- I have been thinking about if the Israelis begin to think about to annihilate the Gaza Strip.

2- Not a genocide, but an ethnic cleansing and force all the palestinians to flee to Egypt, but the Egyptians don't want to have Hamas or any other Jihadist groups in their country
1- i support them.

2- i prefer if it was a planned "genocide" like what happened during ww1. you know, history repeats itself!

3- actually egypt has some history and relations with terrorism.
Hamas, and probably earlier, have been teaching elementary age kids to field strip AK-47 & are taught that the main purpose in life is to kill Jews. Saw this on one of the TV news shows in the past.
Yes, thats Right! brainwashed kids who become most fearsome key members of various terrorist organizations, including IRGC, itself.
Are you implying there is no way to separate Hamas terrorists from Palestinian civilians by saying that even elementary school kids are part and parcel of Hamas?
Exactly! there are no civilians there.

those who didnt resist against the terrorists, or those who help them, one way or another, voluntirly or not, should not be considered civilians. at least, they should be treated as dangerous criminals.
I'm afraid I have to disagree. Like all terrorist organizations, Hamas uses civilians as human shields. Without innocent civilians, Hamas will not exist in Gaza. I do not think Isreeal has a choice but to defend its existence. Israel does NOT deliberately target Palastinene civilians, but Hamas DOES target innocent Israelis. Hamas does NOT care about the people they claim they are fighting for. Be it Tamil Tigers, al Queda, Taliban, Daesh, or Hamas, no civilians want to live under the dictatorship of these butchers,

1- but the people have no choice.
they have one option! Take up arms and fight against them! or they are treated as terrorists.

We are loosing great men and women, everyday!!! #MahsaAmini
over 5 milion terorists are living in the US, and their regime do nothing! No deportation, no imprisonment, nothing!!!

Just words... they dont dare to do anything!!!
The Israelis will be forced to quit soon and they will meet again. Maybe at the next Yom Kippur
Pretty much, Isreal is nearing its quota of civilian death and property destruction, they will be heading home soon to await the next round in 5 years or whenever the next political scandal erupts.
It seems the Israelis have found storages of weapons in the hospitals basement. It can be propaganda.
I don't think it is propaganda but the question is does it matter, how many hospitals, kindergartens, schools etc. packed with civilians should you be able destroy for a few RPG rounds and a box of grenades?
I don't think it is propaganda but the question is does it matter, how many hospitals, kindergartens, schools etc. packed with civilians should you be able destroy for a few RPG rounds and a box of grenades?
A valid question. This reminds me of when the Israelis tried to get rid of PLO in Lebanon, they got rid of PLO, but got Hezbollah instead. If the Israelis get rid of Hamas, what will they get instead?
A valid question. This reminds me of when the Israelis tried to get rid of PLO in Lebanon, they got rid of PLO, but got Hezbollah instead. If the Israelis get rid of Hamas, what will they get instead?
Yeah we went from Al Qaeda to ISIS and they will be replaced by an even bigger bunch of nutters but Israel is not going to get rid of Hamas because let's face it the only Hamas fighters there are dead ender's. The important ones are long gone and will be back once this round is over to rebuild and repeat the process.
It is important to look at the bigger picture and not just focus on the Israel and Hamas conflict. Rather than fighting with proxies, it is essential to deal with the proxy masters - Iran, Russia, and China. This is part of the New Great Game that has been played in Central Asia since the end of the Cold War, which has now turned into a neo-Cold War. The conflict between Israel and Hamas is just a symptom, not the disease itself. Therefore, it is important to get to the root of the problem to find a cure.

We are currently living in a new era of information warfare where information technology is being used by superpowers to control or manipulate foreign and domestic populations. This is techno-authoritarianism or digital dictatorship, which stems from "Global Convergence". As the superpowers try to impose their will on others and attempt to Americanize the entire world, we will continue to see the emergence of new conflicts.

It was Marshall McLuhan (1962), a media theorist, who famously predicted that advancements in communication technology would bring the world closer together by “shrinking space” (p. 6) — making it feel like a small village where everyone is interconnected. He referred to this concept as the "Global Village." (p. 147). Mike Gasher et al. (2020) explain:

“McLuhan turned to an analysis of electronic society. He studied the impact of radio, television, photography, and cinema on what we think of as modern societies. McLuhan argued that electronic media created the possibility of instant communication between any two points on the globe for the first time in history: he referred to this reality as the global village.” (p.147).

Firstly, McLuhan’s observations on the impact of electronic media shed light on the profound changes brought about by media convergence. He described how electronic media, such as radio and television, had the potential to create a "global village," where communication between any two points on the globe became instant. This concept emphasizes the shrinking of space through time in the digital age (Mike Gasher et al., 2020, p. 8). His insights help us understand that media convergence has the potential to connect individuals across the world. When harnessed effectively, it can be a positive force for creating a more interconnected and informed global society where the boundaries of space and time are blurred.

Secondly, McLuhan's prophecy has come to fruition through the emergence of media convergence. This refers to integrating traditional and digital media platforms, creating a more interconnected and seamless media landscape. The idea that communication methods can shape a society and its culture was first introduced by Canadian scholars Harold Innis and Marshal McLuhan, who emphasized the importance of the communication form over its contents (Mike Gasher et al., 2020, p. 144). Media convergence has enabled individuals from all corners of the world to interact in real time, bringing about a global community that is more closely connected than ever before.

Thirdly, McLuhan's "Global Village" concept offers a valuable framework for comprehending the impact of media convergence on our lives. This convergence has ushered us into a global community facilitating the free exchange of information and communication. This transformative process has resulted in greater interconnectivity among individuals, enabling the unrestrained sharing and consumption of data from various sources. The consequence has been cultivating a more diverse and globally oriented perspective. Most significantly, the emergence of novel media convergence technologies has given rise to hybrid platforms, revolutionizing how we interact with our fellow humans and the wider world (Hirst M. et al., 2014, pp. 144-154).

In conclusion, McLuhan's notion of the "Global Village" established the foundation for comprehending the influence of media convergence in our lives. McLuhan's concept of a “Global Village” has now evolved into a “Global Convergence,” which includes media, communication, social, economic, and cultural convergence. In this context, new media convergence has enabled us to witness how advancements in communication technology bring the world closer together, resulting in a more interconnected and global community. The "Global Village" idea undoubtedly acts as a lens that helps us understand the transformative impact of media convergence on our society as “Global Convergence.”

All things considered, humanity must learn to coexist in the "global village" with tolerance and moderation.

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