Invade the United States

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yes one good computer virus...or one good (bad?) people type virus could really do a number on the US.

The communications thing is critical. Command and control through adequate and clear communication is a must. I must point out that altough voice goes into a telephone receiver, what goes through the wires is simple digital about 3/4 of the systems that control phone calls are computer a really nasty virus really is undesirable.
If you want to organise the have to keep the lines of secure communications open. radio can be jammed. Telephones do not jam, unless everyone and his brother trys to use one at the same time.

Now a biological event is another. While a single release is somewhat manageable, multiple releases at many diverse points of intercomunication (citys with many routes to other parts of the country) may allow a sucessful reduction of our forces and population, and consequently, make a invasion more un-opposable. Every scenario ever written about always deals with one point of release, to date.

hmmmm :?
Wait I'm confused now. Are you talking about a computer virus or a biological weapon?

A major biological attack could end the world (heck, just read Rainbow Six ;))
FutureRANGER said:
Sounds like another movie.

Have you heard of the "Y2K" bug? The whole nation (or only ths ignoramous majority of it) was in panic because they thought at the turn of the millenium all the computer systems would fail and go nutso.

Are our enemies smart enough to write a virus so advanced it could not be stopped, and totally cripple the most poerful country in the world? Doubt it.
Well, the big virusses are written by kid just goofing around. I don't want to know what a group of them can do if they have the finances....
NCdt Steliga said:
A wee bit confident are we, silent driller? Sure the US would more than likely win, but if anyone did invade, it would put a major dent in the 'Homeland Security'.

A wee bit is an understatement. I truly believe we would kick the arse of anyone who tried a frontal invasion of the US. We are technologically superior to any nation on Earth and are probably the most determined to defend our freedom. And after the battles are over, we would be all the wiser at protecting against another invasion of that particular kind(whatever it is).
It is pretty simple, if there were to ever be a invasion/defeat of the US it would have to be by several different countries with massive firepower, massive numbers, amazing coordination and amazing military knowledge, I dont think we have pissed off that many people for that scenerio to be remotely possible. It would take more than just Russia, more than just China, more than just Japan. All of these would have to try and co-exist together in order to do any damage. Defeat, personally-impossible. Everyone here has gotten use to their lives and way of thinkin, people have weapons to protect them against a burgurlar, what would they do to someone tryin to take away their freedom not just their good China set.
I am tempted to weigh in on this one, since it was a popular topic of conversation during my military days. However, I'm not sure that I can explain how it can best be done (and believe me, it can) without giving step-by-step instructions as to how to do it.

After all, that's how Pearl Harbor happened -- IIRC, the attack plan was one of several that had been developed as a series of theoretical exercises by the 1930's equivalent of the US Navy War College. Not only were these exercises were available to the College's students, many of them were required reading. Japan was not an enemy at the time, and so had access to them.
Not in my life time. Also I cant see why any one would want us. 8) how come cool don't pop up? new old guy
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Not in my life time. Also I cant see why any one would want us. 8) how come cool don't pop up? new old guy


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I do believe that the US has so many strengths IE: bases and troops all over the world, the worlds strongest Air Force, and last but not least a supreme ground fighting force, both legs and mechanized units within the Marine Corp and Army.

And as far as someone using our own WMD against us I don't know alot about them but I am sure there isn't just an on/off button to launch them, it probably takes several people to fire a Nuke and good luck getting all of them to cooperate to launch one if someone had invaded the US.

Anyhow that is my opinion, take it for what it is worth.
Has anyone ever read a short story called "Scenario for the Fall of Night" by Roger A Beaumont? Written in 1979, it details a Soviet-sponsored invasion of America. Although it is a bit datedthe general strategy involved strikes me as still being valid...and potentially even more so if you take into account two significant factors.

One is that there has been a quarter-century of technological advancement since the story was written, and this advancement is as readily available to America's enemies as it is to Americans themselves.

The second factor is even more dangerous...and you can see it right here in many of the posts in this very thread. It is the belief that no organized force would have the audacity or the capability of effectively attacking America on it's own shores. This belief was proven false on a clear day in September, less than three years ago...
I honestly think this was a bad topic... you need to task a group of countries against america not just say "invade america" but america has so much stength, not only do you have our are military but our cops, fbi and possibly the most trianed people on the planet the CIA who's training could possibly put the delta force and british SAS training to shame.[I might be wrong because i know the delta force works with the CIA but still}
cops, fbi and possibly the most trianed people on the planet the CIA who's training could possibly put the delta force and british SAS training to shame.[I might be wrong because i know the delta force works with the CIA but still}

Hmm, I think youve been watching alot of TV lately....what the heck can cops do against trained soldiers? No offence but cops are not meant for war...As to the FBI, again, not a military branch.....The I stands for investigations, as you may know....These are people who try to get the bad guy to court, not the cemetary....The CIA are spys, not soldiers....All of these are not military organisiations....
CIA could fight but on small scale,diversions or assasinations could do the trick,but i guess that only elite forces could do some deamage
The CIA is going to be reformed. Right now it's only hopes and prayers that they won't attack. But Osama will be catched!!

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