Invade the United States

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I think that terrorism is the biggest threat to the USA today. Not that terrorists will take over the country, but they do have western civilisation spooked. I guy I know send a friend his some money true a wire transfer, because the guy was on a holyday, and got robbed, so he needed it. The money got intercepted because it was a suspicious transaction, you know why. The guy’s name’s Hakeem. Not because he was a known terrorist, only because his name sounds funny.... That is the way the terrorists could win, if we let them scare us.....
If terrorists ever colapse this beautifull world,i personaly gonna wack exactly 12234 and gonna wound 1
Yeah I heard on the radio this morning that there is a HUGE chance another terroist attack will take place this summer... They said that they have leads to certain things but we should be ready for one... Sad to think we know it will happen but not knowing when-
of cource it is coming some day soon, not to be gloomy, but weve stopped numerous attempts, and we cant keep getting lucky
Lets just put it this way...

If the idiots want to come to my town and want to start some trouble... they will have a bit of fight on thier hands... I will not go down with out a fight!!!
well terrorists wont have an easy fight on there hands if im on their missile plane, hey, whatve i got to lose?!?! im good as dead then anyways.
Thats just why im telling my dad to buy us an Avenger missile system to put it in my back yard :lol: :lol:
I think we should take a lesson from the Isreali Airline. They take NO crap from anyone. You won't be bringing bombs or anything on their planes that they don't want on there. As for the US being invaded, we will win. 'Nuff said.
A wee bit confident are we, silent driller? Sure the US would more than likely win, but if anyone did invade, it would put a major dent in the 'Homeland Security'.
No. We would win. End of story. Its probably been said before, but we have natural boarders, the most powerful military in the world, and 330 million people (contradictory to my earlier post). Not to mention allies.

Edit: After Pearl Harbor, the lines at the recruiting office stretched for miles with men (and now women) eager to fight for their country. If we were attacked, same thing would happen.

We would win. We would crush the enemy under the soles of our jackboots.
FutureRANGER said:
We would crush the enemy under the soles of our jackboots.

What jackboots?

airmanpatroller said:
ok how do we fight terrorism? ON THE HOMEFRONT!!!


I would suggest you all start putting some more thought into these posts before I start considering them spam.
talking theoretically war could be won without any fight(or with little) -
possible scenarios in the US case:
destruction of US economy. :shock:
descruction or jamming all communications- the US might is based on the huge military resources. But without comm. the war would be just lots of small battles that could be won even if you have focused the resources of a small country.
still the most probable scenario that US loses a war is idf the rival has infantry with forcefield :lol: :rambo: :lol:
You make very good points there. However, most of them are rather improbable. Not impossible, just improbable.
Sounds like another movie.

Have you heard of the "Y2K" bug? The whole nation (or only ths ignoramous majority of it) was in panic because they thought at the turn of the millenium all the computer systems would fail and go nutso.

Are our enemies smart enough to write a virus so advanced it could not be stopped, and totally cripple the most poerful country in the world? Doubt it.
Ahhh Y2K :x My dad spent hours in an office building over Christams vacation helping the company figure the problem out. Not fun :(
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