Favorite War Movie?

1. Band of Brothers

The others in no particular order:
A Bridge Too Far, The Longest Day, Patton, The Great Escape, Saving Private Ryan
Redneck said:
without a doubt, Tears of the Sun

and by the way, did anyone else want to ring that skinny little 's neck in Saving Private Ryan? damn, i can't stand that little coward, and then at the end he shoots an unarmed man, like that's supposed to redeem him or something.

Yeah. I had to turn away for a moment the first time he let his buddy get stabbed like that. I actually hoped the German would shoot him. Anyway, Glory is my fave so far.
I havent seen Band of Brothers but I have heard it is very good. It will probably overide my current favourite 'Tears of the Sun' :rambo:
I havent seen Band of Brothers but I have heard it is very good. It will probably overide my current favourite 'Tears of the Sun' :rambo:
None of you have seen Stalingrad? Its a foreign movie but it is sooo great, I can't even tell you.

When Trumpets Fade

A Midnight Clear

Band of Brothers

Danger UXB (A british t.v. series about bomb defusers - INCREDIBLE)

12:00 O'clock High

Thats just fer starters...
Mine would be "When Trumpets Fade"

I noticed you guys prefer movies like; Black Hawk Down, We Where Soldiers, Saving Private Ryan etc;

These movies are fun to watch with an eye closed. They really really don't give a good view of how it was really like. They got a too much: 'HOAAH' thing in it. I personally don't like that.

Except for Band of Brothers of course. That mini-serie is just great.
Favourite Movie


British SAS during the Gulf War, trying to disable SCUD missle being fired into Isreal from Iraq.

Not a hollywood piece of crap - best war movie I've seen
My dad takes me to see alot of war movies so i got long list :D (and yes they are all my favorites)
1. Troy
2. We Were Soldiers
3. Saving Private Ryan
4. Black Hawk Down
5. Arthur
6. Platoon
7. Full Metal Jacket
8. Tears of the Sun
9. Zulu
10. Windtalkers
11. Hamburger Hill
12. Band of Brothers (even though its a mini series)
13. Heartbreak Ridge
14. GI-Jane
15. A Few Good Men
16. To Hell and Back
17. Gettysburg
18. Men of Honor
19. All Quiet on the Western Front
20. Behind Enemy Lines
21. Master & Commander
22. Braveheart
23. The Patriot
24. Three Kings
25. Dirty Dozen
26. U-571
27. Starship Troopers
(thats it for now :D and their in no particular order)
Well I have a lot because I grew up watching nothing but war films with my dad and in no particular order of favoritism *coughs*BHD*coughs*:

The Longest Day
Tora! Tora! Tora!
We Were Soldiers
Black Hawk Down
Saving Private Ryan
Band of Brothers
Tears of the Sun
Full Metal Jacket
Hamburger Hill
Heartbreak Ridge
Three Kings ("is it true you got to cut the ear off your first kill to be in Special Forces?" - lol)
No Man's Land
Courage Under Fire
Crimson Tide
Live from Baghdad (not really a war movie but it does tell the story leading up to the first war from the journalists from CNN - the first bombing of Baghdad was amazing. It was on HBO.)
- Gettysburg and the book "Killer Angles"
- Enemy at the gates
- We Where Soldiers
- Band of Brothers
- Saving Private Ryan
- Master & Commander
- Dirty Dozen
- Dune
- 13th Warrior
- The Grate Escape
- Gundam 8th MS Team(Not rely Movie but I still liked it)
- Troy