Favorite War Movie?

id have to go with"the hobbit" its such a horrifyingly scary movie with so much bloodshed it makes my heart throb like an exuahst pipe. :lol: :lol:
I just saw A Bridge Too Far and it was good! My favorite though, would have to be Black Hawk Down and Band of Brothers. Enemy at the Gates is a great movies as well :lol:
One movie that always made me laugh (but I love it) Is "Where Eagles Dare" with Clint Eastwood and Richard Burton. Although its also an espionage movie, it parallels so many acts of the different Secret groups, Like the OSS (Clint Eastwood plays an OSS assassin, very well) and the groups from MI-5.

What’s really funny are those never ending supplies of bullets, explosives, guns and stuff coming out of those backpacks. Still just got to love it.

My other favorite movies are:

Sgt. York
Run Silent, Run Deep
The Pink Submarine (Operation Petticoat)
Father Goose
The Great Escape
The Mackenzie Break

And last but not least…Spartacus :D
These are my favs in no particular order:

1)Gettysburg - great movie (God's and Generals sucked)
2)Band of Brothers
3)Tora Tora Tora
4)To Hell and Back
5)The Devil's Own (Or something like that - about a mixed American and Canadien Regiment).
6)Saving Private Ryan

I would mention Braveheart, but the history sucked to badly! Things like the Battle of Stirling Bridge with no freaking bridge!!!!
Other than that - It was great
Men of Honor
Saving Private Ryan
Heartbreak Ridge

Just to name a couple. There are to many to list, they are all to good to try and determine which is the best.
My top 10 faves are:

1. Zulu
2. The 300 Spartans
3. Merrills Marauders
4. Saving Private Ryan
5. A Bridge Too Far
6. Son Of The Morning Star (Television Movie)
7. All The Kings Men (It is a television drama from the BBC) those ladies and gentleman from America may not have seen it.
8. Zulu Dawn
9. The Longest Day
10. We Were Soldiers
My top 5 is in order from most fav to least(Not that I hate it, Ive just seen a limited ammount of War movies)

1.Tears of the Sun
2.Saving Private Ryan
4.Hamburger Hill
5.M*A*S*H The movie(The Shows are MUCH better!!!)
Ive seen a few more but I cant remember them all.
Enemy at the Gates, Black Hawk Down, Band of Brothers, Saving Private Ryan, We Were Soldiers....hmm can't think of anything else. And those are not in any specific order!