Favorite War Movie?

War movies kick ass. I can list dozens as my favorites, but my top 5 are definitely: Top Gun, Black Hawk Down, Platoon, Full Metal Jacket, and Missing Brendan. I am sure everyone has heard of the first two but "Missing Brendan" is definitely one of the better movies about the Vietnam War. If your into these kinds of movies, which I believe you are or else you wouldn't be in this forum, I strongly suggest checking out this movie. I just purchased the DVD and it is awesome. You can check out the trailer and other info at www.missingbrendan.com. Let me know what you think!!!
Two briliant words in war movies, the best is 'DADS ARMY,

I dont care what anyone else says. Its the best!! Portrays us all.
The Odd Angry Shot. Its about the Australian SAS in Vietnam. No fact in the movie, but it is still a good watch. Mainly shows the Australian side of Vietnam and in places very comical.
I don't think any war movie has ever made me feel as tense as Band of Brothers or Saving Private Ryan. No other series or movie about war has affected me like those, I genuinely felt bad for the people the actors were portraying. The fact that my great uncles were actually there might have something to do with it - but not much. It's just good television.

Enemy at the Gates was very entertaining but it's painfully obvious they took too many liberties with the story, and some of the "sniper duel" scenes were just ridiculous. Also, Jude Law's Mosin-Nagant bolt is on the wrong side on the cover. :p

Full Metal Jacket was a great movie, obviously I can't say for sure but it seemed the most realistic of the bunch. Apocalypse Now I loved, definitely one of the most memorable war movies I've seen, if extremely surreal. I've never really seen another film like that.

The Hurt Locker was pretty awesome, the suspense is incredible - the whole thing is basically a series of bomb disposal scenes. Gives a little insight into the type of personality you need to have to do a job that crazy.

I'd like to pick one for you but they're all very different from one another. But, I guess I'll go with Band of Brothers. It's not a movie but it certainly effected me the most.