Favorite War Movie?

Hope I am not off topic too much but anyone else surprised in Band Of Brothers where a sniper got 3 or 4 guys after they took a village. It seemed to me they relaxed before properly clearing the buildings which surprised me with such a professional outfit.
Hmmmm. My favourite war movie? For it's a tie between Saving Private Ryan, A Bridge Too Far and The Eagle has Landed. Classic movies!
I went through all the movie names that was mentioned in this thread.

The classic war movies which were not mentioned are

1. Mongol - The story of Gengis Khan
2. The Pianist - How the life of a pianist in Poland changes after nazis capture poland
3. Valkyrie - July 1944 failed plot to assassinate Hitler
4. Casualties of war - Justice to rape victim in vietnam war
5. Downfall - Last few days of Hitler's life in his bunker (Terrific movie with gripping view of Hitler's personality)
6. Battle of the bulge - How US are surprised by Hitler's audacious and unexpected 'Ardennes offensive' against them and eventually manage to win
7. Black Sun - About the Nanking massacre Japan committed against China
8. Savior - Least Known classic Bosnia war movie (Watch it any cost)
9. Welcome to Sarajevo - Bosnian war movie (watch it)
10. Before the rain - Bosnian war movie(watch it)
11. Hunting Party - Bosnian war movie (watch it)
12. Just beyond the forest - Bosnian war movie
13. Pretty village, pretty flame - Bosnian war movie (Watch it at any cost)
14. Defiance - Belski partisans in Belarussia revolt against Nazis and survive (Daniel Craig)
15. Munich - Israel's operation "wrath of god" for eliminating terrorists who planned and executed Munich killings against Israel athletes in 1972

The Beast, about a Russian tank lost by itself in Afghanistan. Interesting movie.
One of my favorites is more about the aftermath of war. It's In Country, with Bruce Willis.
Forgot about another Bosnia movie, No Man's Land.
I have many favorites...Latest one to add to my list of favorites is "The Hurt Locker"...its really good...