Civil Air Patrol, heard of it?

I have noticed that in fact the overall pop. of cadets in Illinois is dropping, so i agree with airman on that one
Our squadron commander said he "Wants" the staff (only NCO's of the Sq.) to attend. That eans no promotions for evn longer if you do not
airmanpatroler said:
Yeah its our home squadron thats hosting it. By the way do you ever to get a chance to work with Indy Wing?

Hosting the NCO academy in GLNB? this is the first time we have it so its probably a different one, every wing has its own.
Trevor said:
What were you taught and what did you do, like leadership taskings and stuff?

Drill class, drill lab,presentation class and lab, leadership class, uniform class and SOO MUCh more
ours was great, but we mostly had C/Airman First Class and C/Senior Airman.
since Illinois doesnt have an airman academy they figured better this then nothing....big mistake, big mistake.

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I have too !

yeah! I got some friend who's dad's in it :rambo:

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Joe252 said:
i want to join CAP really badly but i cant....i requested there information packet very helpful

I can see what I can do for you. If you will give me the basic info, I will see if I can get in touch with someone in the area.