Civil Air Patrol, heard of it?

Is it just an East Coast thing? I've never heard of any junior cadet programs besides JROTC, and I'm not even sure what all that entails.
no, its all across the country.. a little excerpt from encampment memorization... The CAP is in 52 wings, comprised of the 50 states, Puerto Rico, and the District of Columbia.. so yeah... it's not a school organization, but if you are interested Redneck, let me know.... :-D i will actually have recruited... e-mail me if you have any questions :-D its an awesome organization, but check out the site too, its pretty good about info, not as interesting as some, but hey, we're gettin there :-D

oh, and good luck guy on the right.. i think thats your username :p, its awesome... i think you'll enjoy
Haha, thanks anyway, but I'm just a tiny bit beyond that. I doubt they'd let me in anyway. :wink: :lol:
Yeah, I've heard about it in small circles here and there. I don't quite know what exactly they do, only that they're like Boy Scouts for zoomies.
ummm Boy Scouts... my brothers a hard core BSA... and he came back from our amn school like, OMG you were right, BS are nothin compared to this... its like JROTC... cept a little bit more strict cause it's not in school.. There are some hardcore hazin laws tho, but some commanders choose to ignore them (shame)

We are most famous for our emergency services*, aka search and rescue missions, which we have been doin since 6 days before Pearl Harbor. At first it was for coastal patrol to watch for German U-boats.. back when cadets were young adults, mostly men. We are only credited w/ 2 sinkins, but we found many more. later they formed the cadet programs b/c they were quickly losin cadets because of the war. Thats when the whole age 11-18 started.
For the present day, we do more search and rescue for downed or missin air craft. When you are Ground Team certified, you can be called out at any time of the night to look for these planes, and from what i've heard, its quite an adventure.
Our cadet program*, its like JROTC.. we have testin on Leadership and Aerospace things.. we do drill, PT, PFT's, encampments, the whole deal. We even get to fly planes. quite an adventure. WE have uniform inspections also.
We also have aerospace education*, which we sometimes get to build models of aircraft, all kinds of things and learn how they fly. Its pretty interestin actually. We learn how to tie knots, and other things.
We do moral leadership also, which it really just helps to understand how you should act on an everyday basis and handle situations, considerin people might know you are a member of CAP. For example, many sq.s are doin their moral leadership on suicide, because there was a cadet who committed suicide not long ago. It just helps w/ everyday life.

Didn't mean to write you a book :-D just one day i might be teachin this, and its nice for me to know that i know what i'm talkin about :p

* - 3 missions

really, its an awesome program... and redneck, if they took me, they would take you... unless you would give them a reason not too
Aye, but I'm a wee bit committed to the military already, lass.
And a little to old. :lol:

Thanks for the information though, it sounds like one heck of a program. They never had anything like that around here, it's a bit too rural, what we did was the Explorer program with the Fire Department, the Sheriff, the ambulance companies, or the Police Department.

And it definitely sounds like you know what you're talking about. :cowb:
hehehe yeah.. ANd this isn't really directed toward you Redneck, but we have a senior member program also. Its basically adults, or people over 21, who help with cadets. Quite interesting. And considering a lot of people on here are military associated, you can apply for being a commander or so such i don't know how it works really :_P ,b ut theres info on the site... ciao i gotta go eat
Do you know of any programs like that run through the Army? Just asking out of curiousity, so don't worry too much about it.
Haha, oh I ain't looking to waste any energy on it, I'm more of the "wait till it falls in my lap" kind of researcher.

But thank you just the same.
haha, i'll check up on it, cause i feel like being nice... one day i'll find it, just not tonight... :-D
Haha, ok, now I really feel like a butt. Don't worry about it, I only asked out of pure curiosity.
Oh don't worry about that, I've gotten used to it by now, spent 21 years with myself haha. :lol: