Civil Air Patrol, heard of it?

most of us are :-D we try neways... just don't run into the rich snooty ones.... they are mean... but oh well, its nice to know that the whole state of NC is goin broke, including everything that was government funded.... which we aren't but thats against the point :p
squadron... ummm... how to explain i don't know... like you have wing... which is a state... and the wing is devided into groups... which are devided into units aka squadrons, unless they are copletely huge... and i don't know what happens then :p
We have a C.A.P. unit here on Misawa, actually many of the High School AFJROTC cadets are in C.A.P. (I'm not though).
I actually went to my first meeting last night. In fact, my g/f and her 12 yr old son are thinking about getting involved too. He'll be a cadet, and she's thinking about being a sponsor/ chaperone.

Met a lot of good people, most of which either knew my g/f, people I went to school with, or know my father.

Guess then, by CAP standards, I'll be the CO of Dogwood Knoll apt #7 hahahahaha.
hehehe.... don't u wish it worked that way? lol

yeah asheville is a great sq... thats great everyone is gettin involved! u'll get your recruiting patch... i will give myself one lol cause i'm not gonna be in the program so i don't get one, but i recruited this person while i was in it
I don't know if he's gonna join up yet, but I have 2 more meetings before I can get an application/ fingerprint card and all.

I think I'm gonna shoot for the observer position on the plane. I'm not too wild about operating the radios and all. Might also put my degree to work and take Finance or Public Ops officer spot.
Yeah, i was in CAP a couple years ago. I was in Squadron 203, 31st Wing. But i was always more interested in the Army. So when I old enough to enlist, I joined the Army. I could have probably got hooked up if i joined the Air Force though, since CAP is an Air Force auxillary.
You could have gone in as E-3 I believe.

We actually have a cadet that just got accepted to the AF Academy. There's also a couple of academy grads there, mostly retired fighter pilots.
Haha, funniness. I was takin the GES test (the gay one) and talkin to someone, and come to find out, a cadet at the GLR (I guess) cadet comp went up to Gen. Bowling and told him that the test sucked and was gay. Ooooo I would have loved to have been there!